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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

October Angst. Oh, and New things from Apple

Photoshop with Cintiq. Tired, slopped on drawing. I love digital painting. No brushes to clean. But I gots to paint, I mean actual paints, but quick!

Sigh. Been swamped at work but loving the late nights sinking my teeth into a sequence. I haven't been able to say that for a while. Well, that's all because I've been doing other stuff besides boarding. There's also a ton of things to do and I've no time to do them all justice. Mail? Oh, forget about it, I'm so way behind. My apologies to all who're wondering what kinda jerk I am. The disorganized kind, that's what. I'll plod along as best I can (sheepish). There's a gallery opening with the master, Tadahiro Uesugi next month (there I go again. Breathe...relax...). Where was I? Next month, yes. I have pieces to make and frame.

All will find its level. No need to wig out. Right?

In anycase, this is such a big deal, I'm really surprised that I'm not going as bonkers as I thought I might. Maybe it's because I've learned that shrieking about the sky falling never helped the situation none. Finding the time to do the work, I could use. Somebody else mind the sky.

Did any of you catch the Apple announcement? I watched it at work. Man, that Steve, he's having fun up there, ain't he? All I know is that I'm buying that new iMac. Poor Ken Bruce just bought a new one last week. He can return it, I'm sure. I got the Nano the very next hour it was announced a few weeks back. My very first ipod, can you believe it? I bought everyone in the family one but myself. Now, Daddy wants that new video iPod (rabid), I gots to have 'em all!

Gizmondo link to Apple announcement report.

Luxo has a report on it, too.

Stream the annoucement, why don't you.


Blogger Unknown said...

Cool sketches!

12:33 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Thanks, Alina. I really should have pulled in closer on that one. I'll do it tomorrow. Long day. Your drawings on your blog are so fun. I like that relaxed style. All the angry, control, cutting diamonds concentration type of drawings just make me tired when I look at them. Zen, that's the way.

Thanks for posting.


12:41 AM

Blogger Jon McNally said...

Yes, "October Angst" is a phrase aptly describing my own experience (and the wash of orange in your sketch matches the feeling, too). It's for me consistently a roller-coaster month, packed with thrills and chills. I sometimes wonder if I'm experiencing some sort of "approaching winter" "ant and grasshopper" response to the season, a kind of ecstatic desperation.

Glad to hear you aren't presently as "bonkers" about the upcoming show as you'd imagined you might be, Ronnie. Best wishes for continued preparations and for this month's remainder.

12:06 PM

Blogger donnachada said...

Beautiful sketch Ronnie. Love the looseness of it. Looking forward to the exhibition. Good luck with the prep.

1:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. There aren't enough hours
in a day, are there?
I'm eagerly looking forward to the
show at Nucleus, Ronnie.
I need/crave for inspiration at the moment.And your stuff and your
posse's might do the trick, who knows?


5:44 PM

Blogger Seraphimic Aura said...

I love your work and can't wait to visit the nucleus art gallery's 3 trees make a forest. Plus, any good tips on corel painter or photoshop?

It be great if I could buy a copy paper biscuit 1 at Nucleus.

8:49 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Uloo--Hibernation prep, I think. Fall might be too early but I'm older. Everything is starting to take longer though the lists of things to do stays the same.

Donachada--I am looking forward to it as well. I hope for the best. There are serious matters that might take precedent. I'm allowing circumstances to find their levels, I'll adjust accordingly. Great blog and drawings on your end there. Hello to all at the old campus.

Speaking of old Campus folks, How ya doin' Rodolphe? How's the family. Come by, Tadahiro will have awesomeness enough for all. I'm there as a fan and hope none of my pieces have to stand next to his.

Seraphimic--Thanks for posting. I'll try to scrounge around a copy. It's sold out. I have strangling copies here and there--even the first edition (Yellow cover). No promises, but let's see. Corel painter? Photoshop? I got my own quirky style. Tadahiro has his that he showed us. I don't remember most of it. The guy to ask would be Don Shank. I work with this application master. Real fun learning all the ins an outs with him. Ask away and I'll ferry the question to him.


11:05 AM

Blogger Seraphimic Aura said...

I was wondering if any techniques or certain abilities for watercolor and masking on painter 8.

I really want to combine watercolor, acrylic, and color pencil on painter.

3:56 PM


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