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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Afterworks signing at Super 7 success!

Hey, aren't you the world famous Louis Gonzales of Afterworks fame? Why, yes! Yes, I am. You must be the fabled Nathan Stanton of E-ville press. Well, now, we're all well met! Let's hit the canapes!

Afterworks were sold and signed by the gauntlet of artists of E-ville press last Saturday at Super 7. The place was packed and any notions of sitting down to sign the books were easily discarded as folks shimmied through the crowd from one author/artist to another.

All the other books by others who’re E-ville compatriots were in the offing as well. Congratulations to all for a successful evening. Thanks to our friends at Super 7, Brian and Dora flynn for setting up the event and continuing to support our leetol gang of the drawing afflicted.

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Blogger amelia said...

Many familiar faces--wish I had made it down there.


10:48 PM

Anonymous bannister said...

Isn't it Enrico with the leather jacket ? Just behind the front guy in shirt ? mmmhh ?

At the contrary of Amelia, I don't know anyone here ! hahaha...

Anyway, seems like it was great evening for everybody !

1:44 PM

Blogger PaulSketch said...

yaaay Super 7! I'm glad I went, thanks for making me feel welcomed Ronnie and for pointing out all the artists so I could get my book signed. It's funny, I think of myself as a pretty social person but I was nervous asking for their autographs.
I wish I took pictures...

8:18 PM


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