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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Alcatraz Crawl sketches

Da Sketches. The payoff in these Sketchcrawls is having a gaggle of artists around you out in the sun doing our drawing thing together! A sort of momentum and goal is set, though no pressure. I can't define it yet but somehow everyone is energized--I mean, you could really do this on your own, in your own pace and likely get some drawings, but in the Sketchcrawl setting we all seem to hit a productivity surge en masse.

After the initial warm up some people really took off--you know who you are--Amelia. Jason Katz did an impressive array of impressions--if you ask to see them he'll have disclaimers or even demure. Don't let him get away with it, those drawings were heavenly. Tadahiro's sketches seemed like they were the drawing structure for the future illustration masterpiece it will be. And, yes, he did say that he intends to finish them back in Japan. I wish I can talk about everyone in the crawl but space and you all's patience will be tested. So, no further ado, the drawings:

The dock had this building that had amazing light and shadow just asking for it. So, a bunch of us drew and painted the heck out of it.

The green roofed building. That's not paint. It's moss. Great color and patina. That door on the roof drops off to...no stairs. Crafty practical jokers, these Alcatraz architects. And the inmates, they laughed and laughed...

As always, Sketchcrawlers themselves make great subjects. They hold a pose just enough time for them to finish a drawing. Consequently, that's when you finish yours.

I liked the blown up detail of that tiny drawing on the bottom. She was way above me and I had only a few seconds before she moved away. The translation up close is not bad, I think.

Another blow up of a sketch. The immediacy of the moment creates these washes that dry to a nice craggy finish. Very little touch ups after the initial lay of colors. All those chinese calligraphy classes seemed to be rubbing off. One can only hope.

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Blogger J said...

Jeez Ronnie. These are really something. I love them all. The figures are wonderful,and the light you got at the top is beautiful.
Great great.

8:21 PM

Blogger amelia said...

Aww shucks Ronnie...!
Your watercolors are stunning and the sketches look like they were done with such ease. Your work is always an inspiration.


10:47 PM

Blogger Nick Sung said...

Man, super stuff Ronnie.
I'm always impressed by the ease of your artwork, but here especially by those figures.

great stuff!

12:25 AM

Anonymous bannister said...

Wonderful sketches Ronnie, as always !

6:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie,

Phew! The past couple of posts really caught me off guard! First Sketchcrawl #5, which I'm already jealous of not being able to attend. Then Sketchcrawl #5 with Tadahiro Uesugi! Damn! And now the sketches!? Truly inspiring indeed. I can't wait for the show this Saturday, but given the work I've seen in the forums and Enrico's blog, it makes me wonder: if 3 trees make a forest, does Sketchcrawl make a whole ecosystem? XD

See you there!


10:38 AM

Blogger Shawn Escott said...

Great sketches! I would love to go to sketchcrawling! Sounds like a lot of fun.

8:46 PM

Blogger Gerald said...

Ronnie, you were on fire with your sketches during this sketchcrawl. Every one of these turned out spectacular. You really have a simplicity to your drawings.

1:08 PM

Blogger Alina Chau said...

THese watercolor sketches are beautiful!

10:22 AM


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