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Monday, November 28, 2005

3 Trees Gallery store is up

"Nina cloud pillow" was my fave of the originals I made for the exhibit. I'm happy to know it's found a good home.

Nucleus Gallery has the entire show up on a page. Originals as well as prints. I've got to buy a Tadahiro Uesugi print the Sunday after the show. A couple still to be printed. 'Tis the season, I tells ya. No where else can you get an Uesugi print. Unique and wows them in aisles without fail. Below is a detail of "Nina cloud pillow." Just 'cause I was really happy with it.

Even better if you got to stare at it up close. The gallery is up till December 6, see?

Nucleus 3 Trees Gallery
Enrico's wordpress blog
Tadahiro Uesugi


Blogger amelia said...

That piece IS amazing. It isn't the same as seeing it up-close, but I sure am glad there are pictures online that I can goggle at.
Also, I have two of those miraculous watercolor brushes (a big one and a smaller one). Because of them I hardly ever use my regular watercolor brushes!


8:44 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Amelia--That just means that we gotta create more work for a gallery up here in our neck o' da woods, eh?

I know what you mean. Sheepish, I too don't use my regular brushes (more expensive) as much. I did trot them out for use with the gallery work though. Still, this goes to show you, it's not the implement that matters but the artist who weilds it.

Well, now, I think I'll carve that on a river rock and use it as a paper weight.

Thanks for the post.


11:22 PM

Blogger PaulSketch said...

I love how you can see your strokes, gives off a really neat effect

3:11 PM


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