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Monday, January 07, 2008

Nina starts the year

Ronnie del Carmen drawing of Nina
Photoshop drawing and color. Low-rez with a customized brush then scaled up. Something Don Shank showed me.

Monthly drawing? Maybe not a bad idea to have a regular drawing post, eh? I can gather enough for a calendar? The storms over the weekend had forced us to hole up in the house. I need to get the hybernation cobwebs out. Heck, need to work out.

My thanks to Claudio Acciari for continuing to post on my humble Oekaki board. He's such a consumate draftsman, it's not even funny. While you're at it, check out my very own Oekaki board. We've been losing comments to the ether lately and I've no idea what triggers it. I hope it fixes itself in the long run. I also posted the simple password for comments on the top of the page (under the banner of my oekaki page). That's just so the spam bots don't thrash my board with mindless ads for vulgar items. Sheesh.

while you're at it, maybe you want to leave a drawing on that there drawing applet--it's really quite a versatile drawing program for something free online. Most of the controls and options you would have been used to in other drawing applications are there. I can even custom make a brush. Too bad you can't save it permanently.

Claudio Acciari

OekakiBBS tutorial. I really should go through this myself(though that scary image can hinder the faint of heart).Scroll down the page for a call-out of all the tools.

Paperbiscuit OekakiBBS--in case you can't see the banner in the sidebar linking to the site, heh.

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Blogger Dani said...

Ronnie, this drawing of Nina is beautiful, and not without lyricism.
I love the idea of scaling up small artwork, in fact I often do it with my pencil drawings. It allows for the medium, be it graphite or brush, to become truly visible and make a statement of its own.

I sure hope you make eleven more of these (or more)!
It will be a good year!!!

8:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More of these drawing going to gallery show at Nucleus or into your PB series?

On a separate note, in any sketch you do, is it easier to watercolor the image with flat colors or is it convenient for those quick sketches?

9:28 PM

Blogger Jason Blower said...


Hey not sure if you are going to make it out the the Story workshop or not, I am sure your busy and will not know till last min. If by chance you don't I printed up some tshirts and want to send you one. Drop me an email with size, colour(chocolate, Gold, Kiwi), and an address.


9:39 AM

Blogger the doodlers said...

Ha-sweet! Is she catching or tossing that kitty?

11:55 AM

Blogger Urban Barbarian said...

Beautiful technique and a nice moody piece!

7:27 PM

Blogger Alina Chau said...

Happy New Year to you!

1:56 PM

Blogger Sho said...

hi Ronnie :) howz it going ?
Awesome image ~! Makes me want to try oekaki (monthly drawing) .

I read your blog headline , never noticed before , makes me feel lazy cuz not drawing enouff...but really informative-funny ~it made me smile!

1:56 PM

Blogger Michael G Clark said...

Hi, just saw your paper biscuit stuff and I'm well impressed. It's got a great 60's feel to it and is also very modern.

I've been doing production design for a few years and your work has given me lots of fresh ideas. I may have to learn to draw again first though.

1:00 AM


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