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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Off to the Philippines for a conference

Nostalgia. I'm slated to participate in an animation conference in the Philippines the week of thanksgiving. As I write this I'm preparing to go on the long plane ride. I've returned twice last year after a twelve year absence. I grew up there and I have fond memories of a simpler time. The image above is of a historical home in Batangas (a prominent family's home during Rizal's younger years) common at around the turn of the last century and I remember my grandfather (father's side) had a home very similar to this.

The conference aims to develop the country's animation industry with the focus on creating original content. I did a series of talks in th summer of last year at several universities back there about this very same topic and I am very encouraged and applaud these goals.

I'll report back soon as I get back in two weeks. Meantime, I have halo-halo and bibinka in my immediate future.

Animahenasyon 2007


Blogger dennis e. sebastian said...

we eagerly await your arrival here in the Philippines. you are one of our heroes :)

2:18 AM

Blogger Dave Dick said...

Good luck in the Philippines - what a great thing to be a part of :)

4:46 PM

Blogger Gerald de Dios said...

Best of luck at your conference in the PI. Can't wait to hear about your trip...and how good the halo-halo waas.

2:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great accomplishment, bro! Hope to have time with you when you're here in Manila.

Ian del Carmen

9:12 AM

Blogger Chad Kerychuk said...

Ronnie: I hope you, your family, friends and associates are all unharmed by the latest typhoon.

I'm sure your trip is going well and look forward to hearing more about it soon.

11:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ron
Heard you're in Naga City wasn't able to go to the convention at the Avenue Plaza my hand got tied with a project,tsk sayang.But my wife Amy met you there.
Hope you had a good time here.
will post you some pictures she got from my cellphone (baaad quality!)
Check it out attached to your mail
Hope to see you when you come back.
Rommel Perez
Adv.Sect.3-3 UST

5:29 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Des--I hope I bumped into you at the conference. That was a very successful turnout. My congratulations to all who participated.

Dave--thanks, this is my second year to be part of the animation scene in the Philippines. The talks last year was such a success and this year's event was quite the topper. So many things happening over there.

Gerald--I'll post the pics on a blog post. I had one halo-halo. Not the pinnacle of halo-ness. I'm searching for that still.

Ian--catchy last name. I wonder if we met at the conference. I met so many, I may have blanked on it.

Chad--the typhoon veered off and weakend. The plane trip to another island for my talk last Monday was in question but by Sunday it was clear enough to brave it. In the end it was sunny day in Naga city. We're all fine. Thanks for checking in on us. Be well.

Rommel--I met your beautiful wife, Amy, at the conference and she introduced herself. Thank you so much for taking the time to connect. Awesome to hear from you I look forward to seeing the pics of you and your family.


8:31 PM

Blogger Bobby Pontillas said...

Amazing! My family is from Naga City and we go back exactly there whenever we go back to the Philippines.

Glad to hear things went well!

9:45 PM

Blogger IAN Del CARMEN said...

Hey Ronnie!

Too bad while you're in Manila, I'm in Singapore for business.

Hope to catch ya next time, bro...

Ian del Carmen

PS: I placed a link to your blog on my blog :)

12:35 PM

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