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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Joann Sfar: Missionnaire

Back from Vacation. Well, it's been a while and I must say that it was a grand tour. I'll spill all the details on the specifics as we go, there's just too much to tell and they're all battling for primacy in my brain. Let's just get started. Paris was our last stop and we stayed for five days. I got a map from Stuart Ng which shows all the bookstores along and around St. Germain. Of course I lost my mind at Album right away. I've got a post on that alone. This is just about a moment there.

The french Album store (I wandered into the American one first, whipped around to the other corner for the local stuff) is two floors of bande dessinée heaven. I pigged out. After my book binge (more on that later) I picked up several magazines for good measure. This cover above appealed to me.

I flip through it, there's enough stuff here. I should pick this up, and oh, hey! Joann Sfar is featured. Maybe it's about his movie. Hey, it's his journal on his site, isn't it? At about this fraction of a second I notice the drawing on the periphery of my vision. I let out a yelp, "Hah!?"

There we were! That day that Joann visited us at Pixar we all gathered for a group photo and darn if that isn't our Sfar sketch versions up there. We're famous! Well, in my mind we are. After all, how often do you go to another country to find you are part of an article in a magazine there. Of course I couldn't brag to anyone nearby, my french is still at zero.

Okay, I cash out. I walk out and it would take another hour before I would realize that I bought a Sfar journal at Album as well. There were at least two of them that came out at the same time. I root around my stash and find the book, "Missionnaire." And sure enough there it is, a drawing of the Pixar gate, him posing with the Parr Family mannequins of the Incredibles...and there we are! Man, that's awesome.

"Missionary gathers the notebooks of voyage held by Joann Sfar during his stays in Tokyo in 2005 and the United States in 2006, as well as an anthology of watercolours drawn in Edinburgh and in Morocco."

On the bottom of the page he scribbles about a project that he and I had been keeping under our hats for a couple of years. It became apparent to both of us that I would not have time to execute these lovely pages. I never let on with anyone about it. So, on the following pages he discloses what's been on my hard drive for a while now. I hope to really work with Joann someday, maybe even get our Princess story out there together. Hey, you never know. I'm on a lucky streak here.

Joan Sfar website
The Rabbi's Cat at Amazon
Missionnaire at Amazon France

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Blogger Lee-Roy said...

Wow, what a cool feeling that must've been to find that. Also, it looks like he's represented you as a cat and Enrico as a...? Weasel? Dog? Anyway, great stuff. Sounds like a great trip.

3:32 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

It was an amazing trip. And, yes, it was great seeing that page, being unexpected and all. I do love that Ronnie del Catman drawing. I may have to use that somewhere now.

Thanks for posting.


6:49 PM

Blogger Dave Dick said...

That's pretty great! Congrats on finding that page - That's pretty crazy - you could have just passed by the place :)

5:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sfar is a great of the greatest french comic artists.

10:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well... if you're interested, I did translate that sketchpage 193 for you that you posted in case you can't read the French. There were a few things I couldn't get because I couldn't read some of his handwritting, so I did the best I could. Anyways, here's that translation:

Green Speech bubble: Hello, *media friends. I've came from a great distance where I met (You guys**) to write a story...

* The literal translation is "Audiovisual friends." But this can have an alternate translation as "media friends." I picked media friends because it's easier.

** This part has an implied noun to it which is a classic short-hand Frenchism. If I did a direct translation, it would just sound funny. So I put the implied noun (Which was you & crew) in brackets.

Red Speech bubble: On my planet, we call them The Books***

*** That's pretty much a literal translation there. It's kinda weirdly phrased and has me a little confused.

Text At The Bottom: On the next few pages, we worked on a {No clue what he wrote. Can't read his hand writing} for a big drawing I've always {Still can't read handwriting. BAH!} write for Ronnie Del Carmen. I always {also can't read it.} never has the time to {can't read it still} my story about the Princesse of Monnaco****, I {Still can't read it. I'm not blind, it's just hard to read.} reading of {Is that an "S" and an "N?" I can't tell.} imagine what {Can't tell what he wrote there...} have to give....

****I can't read that either. It looks like he spelt "Monnaco" but it also looks like "Morraco" as well.

Anyways, the stuff in the French brackets {} is the stuff I just couldn't read in his handwritting. Sorry about that! Anyways, if you want the magazine article you posted translated, I can probably do that too if you scaled it up for me so I can see the text.

~Kamui.EXE/Kam Steele

9:02 AM

Blogger Romain Ronzeau said...

Damn! I wish I would have come here sooner, then I might have had the chance to meet you at Album, I go there all the time (it's a 10 min walk from my place near the Luxemburg Garden). Anyway I'm really glad you had a nice trip in Paris my friend, and hope to see you here some day.

Romain (ex Salvor)

ps: in that page, Sfar basically mentions a comic book about a princess from Monaco which he started writing for you, but doubts you'll ever have time to illustrate it.

9:06 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

That's wonderful, congratulation!

12:56 PM

Blogger tonci said...


that map of bookstores sounds interesting, any chance you could post it or share somehow? going to paris in november so it would help a lot =D


8:10 AM


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