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Monday, June 11, 2007


Moveable Art Feast. Sketchtravel is a simple but awesome concept, really. Pick 50 artists and send the one book to each in turn wherever in the globe they are, have them do artwork however they please on one page and pass it along to the next one on the list. Created by Daisuke Tsutsumi and GĂ©rald Guerlais, the book project has been coming along, traveling from Paris, New York, Japan and is now in San Francisco. I have it now.

The distinctiveness of this sketchbook is that artist will not have to send a sketch, a drawing or a painting to a publisher : instead, a real sketchbook will travel from one artist to another during one year.
So, step by step, invited Artists can be inspired by what previous artists have done before in the Sketchbook.

It's not only about skills and abilities it's also about creativity, ideas and friendship. The original sketchbook will be exhibited at the Arludik Gallery, Paris. It will finally be sold at auction for a Charity Association, selected by the artists.

I love the case lavishly constructed by Daniel Lopez Munoz, who is not only a master artist but is handy with tools, too. The book pages are already adorned with amazing art (I'd post some but that will ruin the surprise for all of you, right?). Quite daunting for me to now add my work in this same line. Check out the roster of artists involved here.

And lookee here! There's a short clip of a movie Gerald and his band of talented friends over in France made. Whoa! This is awesome! And ad for a book? A book not even completed. The French rocks! Check it out.

This is so amazing! I'm going to France for the first time this July and hope to see a lot of Paris. I hope to bump into many of youse guys whom I correspond with it over there. I don't know a lick of french but I hope sign language and grinning a lot will help. I will indeed by traveling and sketching over there, so there, that ought to bring it all home.

Oh, and I do have to finish my page before I leave. Heh.


Sketchtravel Video Commercial
Sketchtravel Blog
Daisuke Tsutsumi
Gerald Guerlais

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Blogger Thomas Huxley said...

That's quite awesome. Have a great time in Paris. Always wanted to go there. Any places in particular you are wanting to see?

Just a quick question: Variety was saying that you were writing the script for "Up", but now it says Bob Peterson is. Are you co-writing the script or was it an error?

9:01 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Variety got bad info. Bob Peterson is writing the script. I'm doing Story Supervisor duties.

This sets it straight.

Co-writing? I help out. What's deemed useable is adopted, what's not is left out. Your garden variety story job.

I have scripts I am writing but they all involve rampaging calamari.

Thanks for checking in.


2:53 PM

Blogger Jackson Dryden said...

That's so cool that you're going to be in this book. It was a pleasure meeting you at sketchcrawl and seeing you at Maverix. If you guys do sketchcrawl once every two months that would be great. You guys should consider the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk for the next one. The drive is not bad and the whole scene is quite interesting. Barron Storey took his class there to sketch and we had a blast. Awesome work on your blog, by the way.

12:08 AM

Blogger Gerald Guerlais said...

Thank you very much for this very nice post about Sketchtravel Ronnie !
It's an honor to get you on board ! I can't wait to see your masterpiece ! Too bad I won't be there while you visit my city ! I hope Joann Sfar will welcome you at least ;-)
Anyway, I will make sure we can meet each other soon. Keep creating !

9:58 AM

Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

I read this post yesterday, from Paris! Just got back after two weeks discovering the City of Love and other towns in the south of France too. Paris is a wonderful city, so rich in beautiful architecture. You're going to have a blast drawing everything! Plus, with all the cafes around, ordering a coffee becomes a twice or trice-daily thing!

8:55 AM

Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

PS: I believe Robert McKee is coming to SF this weekend. I would go if I could! http://www.mckeestory.com/homepage.html

11:58 AM

Blogger Dave David said...

Ronnie, I would just like to say your my hero, besides my parents of course. Just that fact that your Filipino!!! :D
I hope that Sketchcrawl book goes on well.

9:14 AM


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