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Friday, May 04, 2007

Sketchcrawl 14 countdown and warm up

Staying limber. Drawing whenever I find myself with a span of time where I can sit still. Last February at Union Square, always a target rich environment. Right in front of Cafe Rulli. What more can you ask for? Espresso drink, table and chair. Perfect. I need to get back to it. The next Sketchcrawl is nearly here and I've not drawn on the sketchbook much because of the crunch in making story reels. We just passed a milestone and it's time for a little exhale.

I also draw plants more now. After a trip to the jungle last year where I drew many plants and trees I am now afflicted with a need to keep drawing them. Very relaxing.

Don't forget about our Sketchcrawl event coming up. May 19, 2007, Enrico and I will be meeting everyone in San Francisco, at the Ferry Building at The Embarcadero, 11:00a.m.

See you there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I see your wonderful sketches, there are colors (greens, yellow, and browns) that always makes me reminiscence of the Philippines. I just found this wonderful piece by Fernando Amorsolo that will be auctioned at Bonhans. I just saw an actual piece of his SF Asian Art Museum.


I think that those colors are embedded in your subconscious.

In any rate, beautiful man.


9:14 PM

Blogger John S. said...

Beautiful stuff Ronnie!
A great reminder to carry that sketchbook!

2:21 PM

Blogger Alexandra said...

Lovely sketches! I was wondering, are you use watercolors? That is such a hard medium for me to get.

This makes me want to run out of work and go sketch people at the park!

12:43 PM

Blogger the doodlers said...

I like how all three of these figures are turned slightly away from the viewer. Sometimes it's easier to sketch strangers when they aren't looking your way...:) Good to see your watercolour sketches! Cheers, Ronnie ~from Arna

7:41 PM

Blogger Pedro Daniel said...

Nice sketches!

8:27 AM

Blogger PaulSketch said...

yup, recognize those cafe chairs from anywhere! Fun "warm up" I'm excited for the crawl!

5:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome sketch pages ...^_^and by the way, I received your "3 trees make the forest"... it's a great piece of printed art.

7:52 AM

Blogger pbcbstudios said...

love the plants

11:09 AM

Blogger Alina Chau said...

beautiful drawings Ronnie, especially love the top piece.

5:43 PM

Blogger Ron Bowman said...

Very nice work! I love the mood these sketches convey. I had a great time at the sketchcrawl and hope to attend many more!

12:46 AM


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