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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Video Ping Pong for the masses!

On my way to a meeting I dropped by Josh "Major" Minor's office. I played Pong! I was late for my meeting. But what fun, eh?

The Joshua Minor variety, that is. I work with incredibly talented folk here at ye olde Pixar house of ideas. Josh is a graphic software engineer and all around nice guy. Along with Michael Johnson, he is part of Tools MPG here at Pixar. They make "stuff" for us story folk to aid us in telling stories. But it's not all heavy brow knitting all the time, Josh here likes to make games. You remember Pong, right? Well, you can have the J. Minor version with a click of the mouse. And the fun part is that you're in the picture and use your hands to paddle!

Go to the website and pick up the game here.
Here's a video of how it works.

He's going to Hongkong to exhibit this here game at the Kapok Gallery. Have fun, Josh! And if you don't like pong maybe you'll like to play with monkeys instead: Monkey Patrol.

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