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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

14th World Wide SketchCrawl and Emergency

Please watch Gino Strada talk about his work for Emergency in this video

Drawing with a purpose. A two-part fundraiser from your friendly neighborhood Sketchcrawl community. First, on May 19, 2007 Sketchcrawl 14 lends a hand to help Emergency with its mission around the world.

Emergency Mission Statement. In today’s conflicts 90 percent of the victims are civilians. Every year war takes the lives of millions of people worldwide. Emergency provides free of charge, high standard medical and surgical care in war-torn areas.

Emergency promotes a culture of peace, solidarity and respect of human rights.

Emergency is an independent, neutral and nonpolitical humanitarian organization established to provide care to civilian victims of war and of land mines. All Emergency facilities are designed, built and managed by specialized international staff committed to training local medical personnel.

Gabriele, is a logistician from Venice on a mission for Afghanistan with the humanitarian aid organization Emergency. After 25 years in local construction, Gabriele Gorup de Besanez from Dorsoduro, a village near Venice, has put his professional expertise to the service of Gino Strada’s organization Emergency. His quote below:

"In Kurdistan there was an old man whose arm had been torn apart by a firearm. He wanted an estimate for medical treatment costs before coming to our hospital as he didn't want to burden his family with debt. It took quite a bit to assure him that Emergency's services were free of charge. He couldn't believe it."

The Sketchcrawl 14 Mission. We have an opportunity to make a difference on our day of celebrating drawing outdoors. For one thing we do this anyway and have a jolly ol' time. But add this layer to it: We can ask people to sponsor our day of drawing by making a contribution, much like your Aids Ride or other marathons in support of a good cause. Enrico's got a form for it and everything. You can hand that to your friends and neighbors and ask them to donate how ever much they can, your goal being that you want to raise $100 in total for that day. Kinda like wishing you a good day of drawing and giving aid to people who needs our help.

Sketchcrawlers the world over love to congregate outdoors and draw the heck out of that day. Doesn't matter if you don't draw and just want to walk with us. We end up drawing people from the crawl a lot anyway. Bring a hat, they're easy to draw. Heh.

But Wait! There's more! The very next day, Sun May 20th, we have an ART AUCTION! This second part of the fundraiser, done in partnership with the marvelous folks at Maverix Studios.

where: Maverix Studios (1717 17th Street, SF)
when: 5pm to 9pm
how: silent bidding, Final bids at 7:30pm.
We will also have a benefit raffle with special prices.

A few of the confirmed artists:

Steve Purcell (author of Sam and Max)
Rhode Montijo (author of Pablo’s inferno and Cloud Boy
Pierre Alary (author of Belladonne)
Dice Tsutsumi (contributor to Out of Picture)
Ronnie del Carmen (Paper Biscuit)
Bill Presing (author of Rex Steele Nazi smasher)
Derek Thompson (of Derek Monster fame)
Scott Morse (author of Noble Boy, Souldwind, The Barefoot Serpent and more)
and many more are joining in this effort, we’ll keep you updated on this growing list of great artists.

So, remember those dates May 19, 2007 Enrico and I will be meeting all you generous sketchcrawl artists in San Francisco, at the Ferry Building at The Embarcadero, 11:00am (in front of Peet’s coffee). Sketchbook, pencils and waterbrushes on hand. A good day of drawing for a good cause. Then on May 20th it's at Maverix Studios. Have a grand time!


Maverix Studios
Sketchcrawl 14 Forum

Care to donate to Emergency directly? Please do so here: Emergency Paypal

Help us spread the word. Enrico's has some press releases. Good for newspapers, magazines and radio folks. You know you're out there, we can use the publicity. Press Releases

Here's what the form looks like. Hand it to your prospective sponsors so they can lend us a hand. Click on the image to get to the pdf.

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Blogger Pedro Daniel said...

Very nice blog!

5:13 PM

Blogger Monkeyfeather said...

Good cause! I'm there for the crawl and I'm getting a frame tomorrow for my piece for the auction.

8:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,

I met you at the Sonoma Film Festival after one of the presentations.

I just found out about this event. I will try to attend and I will also notify a local magazine publisher I know about it, maybe they can assist in future events.


4:46 PM


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