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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Show night

The Boys are alright. I was visiting my Brother for a family anniversary and I decided to fly in earlier. I sprung the idea on Louie and his wife Julie that we could catch the opening of exhibit for The Ancient Book of Myth and War. They said yes and we were off. After slogging through some accident on the 101 we got there with just about an hour till closing.

The place was packed still. Reminds me our Three Trees exhibit. So happy for the boys. The show was a great success. I wanted to get some prints but I'll do that online. Racquel (Don's lovely wife) mentioned how proud she was of her hubby. We came up with a future show that might be called, "The Hubby Show" where all the hubby's exhibit--with all the work centered around our wives. "Even better!"

Congratulations to Scott Morse, Lou Romano, Don Shank and Nate Wragg on a successful show. The gallery will be up till April 8 so you all can see the artwork at Nucleus, you know where it is.

Nucleus Gallery
Scott Morse
Lou Romano
Don Shank
Nate Wragg

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man, had I known! I was there and left about an hour before it was over. Too bad I missed seeing you there. Either way, the show was indeed awesome. By the time I got there all the copies of the book had been sold out. Besides that, it was so packed that I really only got to meet Nate Wragg. Well worth it though - all of the pieces were just fascinating and fun.


7:07 PM

Blogger Louie del Carmen said...

Great show from a bunch of talented lads! Plus I hadn't been to Nucleus since the 3 Flowers show so it was well worth the drive! (Despite the pile up on the 101)

8:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I could not make it but I am the proud owner of the "Black Knight" sculpture by Lou Romano. It is an amazing piece by an amazing production designer. It is too bad that Ricky Nierva had to drop out of the project.


11:13 PM

Blogger cdeboda said...

Yes, the show was fantastic! And dang, according to the previous comment, Ricky was suppose to be a part of the project too? Too bad he had to drop out indeed. Give him my regards (from SD) and also tell him that he needs to start up an art blog too. :)

6:39 PM


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