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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lookout! It's Bill Presing!

That Greta design sure is awesome. Look at that chiseled goddess face!

BAM! Loud sound effects seem fitting here. After all it's the arrival of our esteemed comrade-in-arms, Bill Presing to the world of artist blogs, . He of the bare knuckles, don't-tell-me-the-odds, head first style of visual storytelling; exemplified in his stellar book about smashing nazi's, compellingly titled, Rex Steele, Nazi Smasher.

It took him long enough. He saunters into my room one day just this week, with that cat-had-canary-snack smile and says,"I made a blog." This after years of my prodding for him to jump in, he blindsides me. Typical. And it's very aptly titled, Daily Peril. Genius. But just in time, I say. He's got one big doozy of an offering coming your way this summer at Comic-con. I'm not telling. Go visit his site and check out the intitial offerings.

This is a detail of one of the illustrations posted in Bill's site. Go there to see da whole girl. I dare ya.

He sure can draw them babes, that Presing. Not bad for a hard drinking, cigar chomping former Jersey truck driver. Go ask him to about his trucker travails at the con. Remember to duck right after. Bam!

Daily Peril

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Anonymous Jason Turner said...

Hey Ronnie,
Thanks for posting the link to Bill's Blog. I was wondering if you could show us the whole Greta design picture rather than what you have croped.

4:50 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

I'd love to, Jason. But I think I'll leave that to Bill. He's got loads of those studies to show.

I'll let him know and maybe he'll post it on his blog soon.



3:24 PM

Blogger Clinton said...

Ronnie, I am a big fan of your work :D I'm glad to know that you have a blog so I can come back often and check you out. Great artwork as always!

5:44 PM


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