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Friday, June 22, 2007

Pixar man of the hour: Lou Romano!

Above link to New Yorker Lou Romano cover--its available as a print!

Genius! I just love this! Pixar producer Jonas Rivera says that,"It's probably a record. A man starring in a major motion picture and having a cover to the New Yorker published all in the same month!" He's probably right. This is amazing not only for the unique confluence but it points to how good Lou is on many fronts. People who've worked with him know he's a very good actor which is now getting a major showcase as the voice of Linguini in Ratatouille; and this alongside the fact that his art and design work is of caliber right up there with the greats. All that wrapped in this humble, self-effacing genius. He'd demure heavily if you direct a compliment his way.

Congratulations, Lou, on Ratatouille and the New Yorker Cover!

Lou Romano
Lou Romano on Wikipedia
New Yorker
Ratatouille on Rotten Tomatoes

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Blogger Louie del Carmen said...

I want a print but i'd rather have the original instead. Any chance Lou would part ways with it?

Wishfully thinking,

your brother.

12:59 AM

Blogger Kei Acedera said...

That's super cool! I love the design and story of this cover. More power to Lou!

2:12 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Bro--you know,I never thought to ask him. I'm thinking that the original would fetch a substantial price, now that's it's been on the New Yorker, no? And, just to state the obvious here, I'd buy it right off myself. You can come over and visit it in my office. Heh.

Kei--couldn't happen to nicer guy, I agree. Check out his Sketchtravel image on my post about, well, Sketchtravel.


9:38 PM

Blogger raison said...

I love the ethereal quality of the light and the motion of the buildings.

When I received the issue in my mailbox, I wondered about the significance of the license plate. And now I know. Thanks!

12:18 AM


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