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Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm off for a trip!

Guess where? If you check with a certain italian friend of mine's blog you'll find that he's off somewheres too. Hmmmm...Anyway, it's my first time to go to Italy and France. Tess and I are now in the frenzy of prep. You know, packing, annoying the big kids with lists of things to do and the an even longer one of what not to do. I hear that crossing one's fingers help. Sigh.

I caught a bug this week, food poisoning. Of course. The peppy nurse practitioner chimes, "I usually treat folks AFTER a trip. And you're not leaving me much room to use my magic here!" That was yesterday and the quick blood test (man, blood is such a deep red) revealed I'm not battling an infection. Great. Now, I just gotta not feel crappy. But honestly, today I feel much better. Bring on the fantastic food already!

See you all in two weeks!


Oh, by the way, if you've been checking Sam Hit's Fist-a-cuffs blog you know that the North Division Championships are winding down. Interesting two fighters left to duke it out.

'Just sayin'.


Blogger Unknown said...

Sounds like fun! ...never been there myself but hopefully one day soon.

10:21 PM

Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

Have a great trip! If you want to have a really good (truly French) meal, look up "Aux Marmites D'Agnes." Agnes will only speak French to you, and you need reservations, but it's worth it! Good luck finding it though, because it's really a hole-in-the-wall place.
And just a warning...the Japanese food we had there wasn't very good! But that was just one place. I'm sure you'll find plenty of good food in France! Italy too.

10:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you pass by Firenze and Sangeminiano and have as much fun and great artistic experience as I have everytime I'm over there..^_^

6:38 AM

Blogger mnmears said...

Have a great trip ... can't wait to see some of the sketches and photos you'll soon be posting.

11:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hope that you and Tess have a great time in Italy and France. Interestingly enough, I have been on over 50 international trips but never to Europe. My parents have stake Europe as they visit at least 1 or 2 times a year.

If Tess gets inspiration from this visit, I hope that you can post some her designs on this blog.

Take care and have fun.


6:44 PM

Blogger Matt Jones said...

Hey Ronnie-bon voyage! If you pass through the south of France look us up in Nice- Bibo says he'd love to show you what we're doing here on his movie.

8:41 AM


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