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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Photo at the Met

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Wait for it... The last Sketchcrawl we did was at the Met in New York. Hard to believe it was just a little over a month ago and so much has happened since. This is a favorite shot I took while at the European Sculpture Court. I couldn't have staged or planned this shot if I tried. Does it feel like a fashion editorial shot for magazine? The lady on the left had just taken a photo of the Perseus statue and was framed by it's base. You breathe and count micro seconds as you bring up your camera hoping she doesn't move and yet she does. Don't walk away... please...breathe...and she stops.


I've so much time travel to make up. The trip to the Philippines yielded more to write about than the mutiny I posted below (really, that happened at the tail end of my stay). So, watch this space.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo has an Uesugi-san feel to it. I am sure that he must be admiring the composition and visualizing the photo in color.


9:17 AM

Blogger Monkeyfeather said...

Gorgeous photo Ronnie. I agree with CK, as soon as I saw the picture, I thought Tadahiro Uesugi. In fact, the woman looks like she may have walked right out of one of his illustrations.

1:04 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Thanks, guys. I know, I saw the Tadahiro tableau right off as well. She was very stylish. From a different time. Even her demeanor, I remember as being regal and foreign.

I did take this photo in color and made it B & W to better present the sillo.

Be well.


4:33 PM

Blogger the doodlers said...

Great candid shot.

9:41 AM


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