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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Claudio Acciari strikes again

All these Acciari's were done on the site's local drawing applet that lets you draw right online. No photoshop, but good enough. Again proving that it's not the tool but furshlugginer artist weilding it.

He is a serial Oekaki poster. That is, he has this compulsion to tag many an Oekaki board with his lovely creations. Like he's an internet Zorro of sorts. Don't know what an Oekaki board is? Hmmm, well...Let's see. See the Wikipedia entry explaining what this is here.

Check mine out and see if you can pick out the Acciari's. Here.
Search more here.
Here's another.

He is an animator by trade and an excellent designer as well. We worked on the same movie long time ago but never got together--lord knows we probably had a lot to gripe about then. Caught up with each other where else? In Dubya's internets. Or is it Al Gore's? Claudio, inexplicably enough, does not have a website of his own. I've needled him about this and he says, "Soon." I cannot wait. In the mean time...

Acciari Gallery. Thanks for the tiny url, Lee-roy.

Another one care of Alessandro Carloni here.

And while I'm at it, Alessandro is no slouch either. His website of awesome sketchbook loveliness here. Enjoying the view? Check out his links and it opens up to more awesome drawing talent. Enough to give a guy a complex. Love them all.

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Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

Those are beautiful. I'd seen some of those pictures before and I really like them... :)


7:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh... WOW! These Italians pull no punches! I'm simply in love with each and everyone of these paintings. It's like getting a crush on girl, but not being able to tell her you like her... ah... Thanks so much for exposing those artists here. On some days, it can make all the difference in one's mood.


7:38 PM

Blogger Lee-Roy said...

you can go directly to this frame and click through using the arrows:
(I created a tinyURL for it)

truly amazing work!


11:22 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Amelia--Yeah, he's been littering the net with those pretties, you're bound to stumble onto one of 'em. Thanks for posting.

Regis--Does a day good, don't it? I love finding stuff that inspires--on bad days it's a godsend.

Lee-roy--awesome! Thanks for the help. I'll post this link instead of my lengthy explaination, if you don't mind.

10:17 AM

Blogger Lee-Roy said...

not at all. glad to help out.


9:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! Simple and effective. Both of you.
Thank you Ronnie!

11:35 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

THanks for the recommendation!! These are good!

12:19 PM

Blogger william wray said...

So amazing to discover so many great artists are in the world. Bloging has really done cartooning a greatservice. Oh and you too Ronnie.

10:18 PM


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