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Monday, January 02, 2006

"...In with the new."

This lady at the table next to me was so tired she was almost bent in half. She took her time recuperating and after a long while got up and slowly headed out of the mall. Shopping is brutal.

Made it to the other side. Through the holiday brou-haha and weeks of the season's madness. Admit it, all that hugger-mugger can frighteningly resemble mass hysteria, doesn't it? Ahhh, but it's once a year. I gotta figure out how to do this differently next year.

But here I am, finally found a moment's respite. What with battling the residual cough from the New York flu and holiday obligations, one can get really frazzled. So, coffee and cake in the afternoon at my favorite cafe (Rooz). Above sketch done at the SF mall on my daughter's birthday shopping spree. I sat at a table amidst the throngs harvesting the after Christmas sales in the building, I guarded the shopping bags and held the coats. People watching was superb.

Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday break.


Update. Link to larger jpeg of above sketchbook page here.


Blogger PaulSketch said...

Happy New Year! And of course Happy Birthday!
Hanging out in Dr. Comics and Mr. Games with you was fun - I looked at some Hellboy drawings online with lots of shading and did a few immatations of it - thanks

4:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Ronnie and Happy Birthday to you as well. I was wondering how to aquire your first two Paper Biscuit books, since I can't order books that are out of stock and print.

5:33 PM

Anonymous Robair said...

Hey just curious do you use that sketchbook as your everyday journal to? whats all that text on the side there?

9:46 PM

Blogger OV! said...

happy new year man.


11:07 PM

Blogger J said...

Happy Holidays Ronnie. That drawing looks beautiful, can we get a bigger version of it???

4:36 PM

Blogger Alina Chau said...

nice drawing!

4:53 PM

Blogger amelia said...

Happy new year and I hear tell of your birthday, so happy birthday too! That pic looks ideal...coffee, laptop, sketchbook in a cafe...ahhh...
And a great drawing to top it all off


6:02 PM

Blogger Mustashrik said...

happy new year ronnie! hope all your dreams and wishes come through in the eyar ahead and that paper biscuits and your art lives on forever! people watching is great i agree! ;)


5:51 AM

Blogger K McLeod said...

Hi Ron I was curoius to know where you get your sketch books from? I love the color and texture of the pages. I used to get mine at the bargine tables from Waldenbooks but they don't seem to carry them any more. Glad to see you had a happy holiday.

10:11 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Paul--Yeah. La la la Mignola.

Anonymous--The first two are sold out. I've archival copies--as in, I can't reprint them anymore. I've yet to do an inventory of how many they are and once all told I may be able to let go of a few. No promises though, I'm notoriously disorganized when it comes to schedules.

Robair--you are correct,sir. It is a journal and sketchbook. Too much trouble carrying two separate ones and I tend to draw where I write and vice versa. It's a timeline of thoughts and sketches. It helps me to recall stuff gone by.

Ov--Thanks, man. Same to you. Hello to all in your neck of the woods.

J--See the bigger version?

Alina--Thanks. I wish I can draw everyday one of these forever. But one has to work a day job. It pays the bills.

Amelia--it was ideal. I was by the choice window seat, too. Except for the rain, it was a good late afternoon of relaxation and drawing.

Mushtashrik--From your lips to God's ears. One can only hope. Thanks so much.

kmcleod--Here's a link to a post I did on the Fabriano sketchbook. Thanks for posting.


10:48 AM

Blogger K McLeod said...

Ron Thanks abunch for the info, I know where I'm going after work

11:21 AM

Blogger Jenny said...

Hey Ronnie-what a way to end the last year, eh? I richly enjoyed all your postings, and now here's a lovely sketchbook page to start us off well. Thanks. : )
Hoping for a fabulous 2006 for you & yours. Cheers!
-Jenny L

10:35 AM

Blogger Chad Kerychuk said...

Happy New Year Ronnie! Hope it's one of the best yet for you and the family. Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Cheers to you all!

1:40 AM


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