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Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays

Have a safe and happy holiday break to all. See you all in the new year and here's wishing for a grander one.

Above sketches were done on the paper table cover of Basta Pasta in New York. Enrico and I spent the day walking around town and by evening we were ready for a grand dinner. This was one of Enrico's favorite restaurants and we decided to doodle some mementos.


Blogger PaulSketch said...

Lucky restraunt - little do they know they have sketches from two awesome artists

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! send the family my greetings :)


11:26 PM

Blogger amelia said...

Ditto to what Paul says...Enjoy your holidays- I'm sure that the owners of that restaurant are. Hey, they got two free pieces of ART! Have a great newyears as well from the Lorenzes!
Ho ho ho


10:42 AM

Anonymous Pia said...

Merry Christmas! NY must be a blast for you! I'm also here in NY visiting my aunt. I hope i see you before I head back home!

Send my greetings to the family as well!


7:09 PM

Blogger Alina Chau said...

Lovely drawings!
Merry christmas!

8:56 PM

Blogger Isaak Fernandez said...

I love your style, it´s pretty and "soft".
Merry Christmas for you too.

7:12 AM

Blogger Seraphimic Aura said...

Nice sketch, ronnie. I also heard that production has started for The Incredibles 2.

10:17 PM

Anonymous Silvana said...

Merry Chirstmas!

2:11 PM

Blogger sedyas said...

Happy birthday, Ronnie! 46?

5:44 AM

Blogger Yaxin said...

I may be wrong :))) but,
Happy Birthday Ronnie!!!!

3:49 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Paul--Good to run into you and your mom this weekend. Let me know when you start on that new sketchbook.

Amelia--All the best to you lovely Lorenzes!

Pia--Sorry we couldn't be in NY at the same time. Greetings to the family

Alina--Enjoying your watercolor sketches. Keep on.

Isaak--thank you for posting. Greeting to all in Barcelona.

Seraph--Dont' know about any productions involving the Incredibles's sequel. I'm a rank and file grunt, I find out about such things when the public finds out. And they keep me in a dark windowless room. The upper eschelon have their designs of what comes next. It's big game stakes.

Silvana--Merry Christmas back at ya!

Sedyas--Ya got me. I'm ancient. But I love the age I am though. And I can finally draw for ME!

Manuel--Did I ever tell you that your work ROCKS! It dont' hurt to say it again. You, rock. And thanks, it was a birthday past. Glad to stealthily get under people's radar. I'm a little shy of birthday attention. Hope your holidays were a blast. Greetings to Spain!

4:49 PM


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