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Monday, December 12, 2005

New York Trip

Number nine...number nine...number nine...

Having a blast already. All throughout the trip we were seeing people from work. From checking in at the Oakland airport to the streets of New York. A mass migration from SF of Pixar folk were dotting the landscape. I think we just took over this town. It' so much fun seeing all the familiar faces from work in a different setting. We are given to enthusiastic yelling, waving and clumping together.

The flight was quite pleasant and though I thought I'd catch up on some correspondence I ended up snoozing and watching the inflight t.v. shows. Hey man, Discovery channel. We had to circle the airport because it was crowded down there with planes. A later flight with people from work had the unfortunate fate of being re-routed to Syracuse to refuel because they ran out of fuel.

Tess' sister Layza and cousin, Roman, picked us up at the airport and we promptly went to our favorite chinese buffett (read, stuff yerself silly with so much food), East Manor in Elmhurst. Afterwards it was off to find the Hudson. They weren't kidding that it's hard to locate 'cause the hotel does not have a sign outside. A hip hotel on 58th street whose rooms could give Japan hotels a run for their money for smallest rooms. Spare and austere, a layout man's right angle heaven.

Afterwards it was down to the bar where all the travelers gathered for some libation. A grand time all around. Andy "The Menace" Jimenez has been at the Moma getting his part of the gallery set up since last Wednesday and he can't wait for all of us to see what's in there. Well, we can't wait to see it.

I'll post more later.


Blogger Paul Tuller said...

WOW!! A big group of Pixar artists hanging out in New York together before their big show - what could be better?

Have fun!


9:16 PM

Blogger J said...

Hey Ronnie,
I'm heading down there tommorrow to meet up with Nick. Hope to see you around.

9:27 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

seems like U guys have a lot of fun!

10:44 PM

Blogger Drew said...

pretty awesome stuff. any word on whether or not this show is making a tour? i posted a quick comment about it on my blog when i read it in wired. it's just great that y'all are getting some recognition.

-drew blom

8:17 AM

Blogger Gulzar said...

Ahhh! I see you guys had a blast man! This is what art is all about…different culture; different people with different laughter over different faces…but one vision… “Art”.
Way to go! Someday hope to make it there…I promise! N then will catch up with you personally…
You have a wonderful online diary…love it
From friends of animation. Keep the art alive…


8:45 AM


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