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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Our fearless leader

Done on Painter Classic while on a Mary Blair exploration kick. I was oblivious to color profiles and monitor calibration (not that much more educated about it now. But that's why I'm sitting close to Don Shank for safety) and had a heck of time getting the image to look halfway decent when I delivered the image for book printers to use. Must learn to read manuals.

John Lasseter. I did this a long time ago, back in Nemo days. I know I must've posted this in the old Tirade blog (and it's been printed in the Nemo book) but here it is again as part of the series of People I work with drawings. Given all the rumours flying hither and yon about the fate of talks between Pixar and Disney it seemed timely. And, no, no one I work with (even director types I talk to) are in on what's about to happen. I'm just another bloke amongst the speculating masses.

About John on the Pixar website.
NY times


Blogger amelia said...

Where would animation be without John Lasseter!
I love the charicature you did of him. I saw it in my Nemo book when I got it and when I saw that you'd done it I was like HEY COOL! Ronnie did that! I didn't notice the fish until later and that made it even more special.
Lasseter has been one of my top heros for a looong time. Thanks for posting that.


10:54 PM

Blogger RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

I have always loved this caricature!
I LOVE the idea of Lasseter taking over Disney Feature! The only thing that would be better is if David Stainton is tazered, maced, and peppersprayed, and then frogmarched out of the building, stuffed into a burlap bag and thrown into the LA river.
Oh, and a video of the above in an easily downloadable format for my ipod.

11:24 PM

Blogger Jenny said...

Gee--I never imagined I'd say this about a caricature of John Lassiter, but...that's just beautiful! : )

4:25 PM

Blogger Ward Jenkins said...

Excellent piece, Ronnie. I love the colors here. And I think it's safe to say that whatever happens between the two companies, there'll still be incredible artists like yourself that will be cranking out brilliance.

Keep doing what you're doing.

6:53 AM

Blogger chris chua said...

Great caricature, Ronnie. It totally captures John's spirit.

1:45 PM

Blogger OV! said...

WOW, whats the news up there Ronnie? people excited? whats up.


2:19 PM

Blogger Drew said...

really nice. the personality i've seen of him from countless interviews on pixar special features really comes out with the colors and the attitude of this drawing. really a cool piece. chuck jones said every time you draw a caricature, you lose a friend, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. what did he think of it?


2:40 PM

Blogger Gerald said...

That looks just like Mr. Lassater! I really dig this caracature done in Painter. Even if you posted it before, I'm glad to posted it again. This is exciting news Ronnie.

4:06 PM

Blogger Jay D Smith said...

heh great caracature!!

4:19 PM

Blogger Skribbl said...

Thanks Ronnie for posting the bigger version. The book version was teeny! Now you can see the magic!

5:54 PM

Blogger Stephen Worth said...

Serendipity. Look what I just posted over on the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive blog!



7:13 PM

Blogger A. Riabovitchev said...

He is awfully funny!

5:40 AM


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