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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Golden Globe Award for UP

We had a little champagne toast this morning with the guys. Hip hip! Hurray!

I almost missed it. I was driving home and caught the original broadcast winding down. I got email and notices on line congratulating me. I did see Pete Docter accept the award on the rebroadcast as well as Bob Peterson and Jonas Rivera in their group hug. Amazing.

ABC interview of Pete

Apparently they hung out with Paul McCartney quite a bit and noted that he's such a gentleman and a lot of fun.

My congratulations to Michael Giancchino for his Golden Globe win as well. I am very lucky to have worked with his music on this movie and on the Dug short.

Michael Giacchino after the award Q & A Wait for Pete heckling Michael.

Honored to have served on the movie with the entire UP crew. Among the highlights of being in this business I can say this is the brightest.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Old New

Counter Reset. The doodles I do are fleeting and so with anything I draw. I could lose these. I just had that happen in a big way over the holidays and I mourn for those things that I wrote and drew. After the trough of necessary emotions I chose to leave it as memory. I can't really have them them with me everywhere. Which I know is what I had insisted on doing.

I choose to draw some more and what survives will be up to the fates.

Good Start. Enrico just sent me a link to the Muji website that holds their manifesto. Both of us are pre-sold audience. We love Muji. A reason to fly to New York or Japan. I mean, literally on the list of things we have to do while there.


Old hold fold cold sold mold Been playing Word warp on the iPhone and I thought I would quit after I break the million mark score. I'm way past that and I still do it.

Non sequitur I turned another year older on the last day of last year. Last week. I say it today. Steve Purcell says, "There's something that actually makes sense about starting the New Year right on the heels of a birthday." Never thought of it that way in all the years I've had this mill stone birthday. I think I will see it like that from now on.

Hold a sec... I am writing this on my work desk. I had just remembered that I had Muji pens lost along with that bag. I had a lovely brush pen that I was getting really attached to. As I opened applications on the computer I see a brown paper bag below the screen. I didn't carry all my Muji pens with me! I had these here still! I had a kid smile on my face if you happened to pass by with a camera. Underline this with silver.

This is going to be a great year.

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