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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Spacing Out

dead space,Ronnie del Carmen, Isaac Clarke
Check out the time-lapse of how the drawing progresses on Odosketch. I like this online drawing tool. Only chalky brushes and no undo's. You gotta commit.

Dead Spaces. Well, I didn't mean to not post on my blog for almost a year but that's what happened. When I started this blog over a decade ago it felt like I was part of a mere handful of my colleagues who had a blog. "A 'blog?'" I remember hearing. Now blogs have had their heyday and gone. Where do the folks flock to these days? I'm sure I don't know. But I've been disloyal myself. I have a Tumblr and a Twitter account. Both that I've been keeping up while I've left my old pal, Tirade, abandoned and unloved.

I hope this wakes up those who still follow me here and though I will not make promises I can't keep I will try to suss out the new features of Blogger by posting as often as I can.

Dead Space. I was playing the first Dead Space as I was doing late nights finishing my first children's book, "My Name is Dug." It was my cigarette break, only without the cigarettes. It's been the one game series I've played more than any other. I'm not a hardcore gamer but I've played my modest share. This year we have Dead Space 3 and I am happy to have a new outing of my favorite lovelorn space engineer. He's got new suits and a weapon crafting bench that is loads of fun to keep coming back to. But more than that it's the closest I've come to being able to live out Ripley's vendetta in the Alien series. These creatures are terrifying and the best way to deal with that terror? Payback. Dead Space has boat loads of that.

Paper Biscuit on Tumblr
Ronnie del Carmen on Twitter


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Anonymous Tiffany said...

Welcome back. It was nice to see a new post up when I hopped over here today.

3:15 PM

Blogger Ronnie said...

Thanks for dropping by. I can have more stuff up soon. But gotta get through a screening and a cover deadline squared away--I say to my procrastinating brain. Check back again.

11:38 PM

Blogger Different By Design said...

Sometimes procrastination is good for the brain. :) Looking forward to seeing more posts over here and good luck with the deadlines!

1:50 AM

Blogger Denis Binette said...

Surfing&reading. I like.

6:01 AM

Blogger Ma-ding Tosh said...

DEAD SPACE! love the 1st game. great visual design (the ship especially), great audio design, fantastic atmosphere, and it scared the bejeezus out of me. its a great sci-fi horror movie(except its in videogame format).

Anyways, love your work. would love to see you do more sequential comic work in the future.

9:58 PM

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8:18 AM

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