I watched a lot of cartoons and movies. I draw incessantly and carry a sketchbook everywhere. I work in animation and self-publish my books. There are monsters in the streets, don't wear red. Mad bulls and monsters hate that color. I still watch cartoons.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

San Diego '06 con post

Drew this sketch from the big screen projecting B.T's talking head. Never drew him live before, though we all did caricatures of him back at WB. He's not going to like this one. I'm gonna get it. Pencil, on those thin cardboard cover moleskin sketchbooks, post photoshop colors.

Ol'Bruce. As an exhibitor in prior years I was grafted to my table, unable to conscience not being there when someone buys my book or asks for me. I mean, man, it’s work just to be a visitor at the con. And costly! The blessed few who do search me out deserve to find me there, talk comics and gab drawing, this is the place for it, why I'm there. So, you end up not leaving, practicing bladder zen, or do the guilt walkabout hoping to shop but not getting far and return after a half hour. This year I had no table. Nothing new to show. Just a regular con-guest swarming with the rest (can you believe the circus this con has turned into?).

I was free to do something I never do: Attend a panel. This one is special, a Bruce Timm Retrospective. I read about him having one earlier this year held at the Egyptian, made plans to go but work got in the way. Actually didn’t even know this was going on at the con and if I hadn’t run into Dan Riba--an old friend and director from our Batman days--at my brother Louie’s table I would’ve missed it entirely.

Richard Daskas (another alumnus from our Batman days and a fantastic painter) and I sat down as the intros were done, “Bruce…warm, caring…yada…human being...” Richard and I had fun with the lackluster drum roll. Bruce came out and, this is good, he looks well. I had been concerned in recent years when he had lost so much weight, but today he was his old self. And from where I was sitting it seemed that he hadn’t aged. Oh, it might have been me, I wear glasses now and the big screen blow-up of him was a little hazy. But still, his energy was at it’s positive best. The whole thing was rather skimpy on clips for a retrospective but they only had an hour or so. The question and answer covered much of the same stuff that you’d already know, though good ol’ Bruce was sharp with the repartee as he’s always been.

It was good to see him again, though I didn't bump into him in person the whole weekend. Glen Murakami and I got to chat for a bit by Stuart Ng’s and I was hoping that Bruce was going to be around. “This is the worse place to catch up.” I agree. This convention used to be less frenzied and was really about comics not so long ago. Now, it’s big money raising a ruckus. Little folk can’t be heard above that. I left the con Sunday thinking about that. I’ll have to get a table/ booth again next year. Just so the guys can find me. Maybe I’ll be better at walking out from behind the table and stand there to talk a while. You know, about comics.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Comic-con 2006 this weekend

My Friends have books! Not everybody hit a snag in their book production schedules. Many have navigated around all manner of obstacles and nuisances to get their annual offering to the largest spawning ground of art/storytelling showcase mecca in da world! Herewith are the people in me neighborhood.

Enrico Casarosa had almost not made this book this year. But amidst the flurry of making story reels he somehow got this book out, just in the nick. Shipping this week. It will be very fresh from the printers when you find him selling it. I can't wait to read it myself!

Ted Mathot capitalized on the momentum he had going with the smash hit from last year's first issue of Rose and Isabel and kept going onto making this hefty second and final issue. Fans of the first book will not be disappointed, it's action packed!

Scott Morse. Speaking of relentless. Scott has a work ethic to put any multi-taking workaholic to shame. Visit his blog and see what all manner of con offerings he has this year. He's taking it to another frenzied level. Bowling pins?! Oh, and there's the plethora of titles he's done over the years as well.

Derek Thompson took a year off last year in putting out this fave of the con. All new set. How can you resist? 365 monsters! One monster for every day of the year! Derek's high rpm personality promises to churn out more stuff from here on. You've been warned.

No idle hands at the Studio. What with the relentless production schedules of making features? Forgeddaboudit! The people involved in this tome can juggle that and still come up with original stories and art for this second year of the successful anthology. A full complement of the artists will be there to sign the books and answer the inevitable question: Where do you find the time?! The answer to that alone is worth slogging through the throng of comic book fans for.

Flight 3. One of the best selling anthologies, three years running. We've been very fortunate to be pals with the roster of impressive creators of this ongoing compendium of great art and story. Hope to get my hands on this early on my arrival on Friday. And you can have it signed by them Flight folks, too!

Louie del Carmen. Definitely let's not forget me leetol bro. Louie's been bitten by the self-publishing bug. Bad. He's put out two books already! He's showing up with this, his latest at the con. Me? I get to hang out and be proud older brother. Come by and say hello.

Out of Picture is an anthology by Blue Sky Studio artists. A handsome hardbound collection of stories from our friends of the other coast. A grand roster of names, not the least of which is the ever impressive Daniel Lopez Munoz, just joined us at the studio on this side of the country.

Jeff Pidgeon is coming to the con with a gaggle of t-shirt designs from his gallery at Pidgeon Stuff. This is one my faves, Japanese Arachnid Superhero.

There you have it, whew! Jamie Baker and I have nothing new for this year so we become heralds for those who do. Check out his shopping list here.

I'll be at the con starting Friday and I'll be signing my Paper Biscuit books at Stuart Ng's on Saturday afternoon (2:30-4:00 p.m.) with Enrico Casarosa and his new Sketchcrawlings book. Check out the list of fabulous artists signing at Stuart's all through the con. Man! I'm gonna geek out just meeting all these folks. See you there!


Enrico Casarosa
Ten Mathot
Louie del Carmen
Jeff Pidgeon
Scott Morse
Jamie Baker
Derek Thompson
Jamie Baker
E-ville Press
Flight Comics
Out of Picture

Stuart Ng

Monday, July 03, 2006

Long weekend and have a happy 4th

Been working. Time to draw the Nina stories have taken a big hit, so the planned book of Paper Biscuit 3 is on hold. I've worked out the issue and roughed out an outline but have had to leave it alone. I'll get back into it in a few weeks. Be really ahead for next year, eh? I tried to do a little ditty for San Diego -- not Nina based--but even that turned into something larger. I gotta learn to make smaller stuff.

Drawing done in Photoshop with a customized brush. Image at the top of the post links to a larger image. This detail for those who couldn't be bothered.

Drawing has been opening more aspects of relaxation in the line. When you relax and not put the mind into a performing stance the images appear. I wonder if there are exercises to achieve this with more certainty. Or maybe it is just time. Whatever it is, I am having the best time ever drawing (that I can still say that amazes me no end). And, even though I can't draw for myself every day, I have this kind of hunger I know I can rely on later to bring me to that spot.

Rambling now ceasing. I bring you back to your regular programming. Happy fourth, people!