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Monday, April 24, 2006

"Combined Weight"

Postcard design by Pixar artist Albert Lozano.

Heavy, man. I love the inspired title of the Canvas Gallery show to be held at Canvas Gallery. All of the guys in this show are heavyweights as artists in my eyes and I'm proud to be numbered among them. There is a parallel society running through the company whose members are bent on making good use of the micro slivers of time left to them after a full day's work. Doing what? Whatever the heck they want. Turns out they want to create their own work.

Daniel Arriaga, Enrico Casarosa, Janet Lucroy, Jennifer Chang, Liz Holmes, Lori Klocek, Mark Holmes, Nate Stanton, Noah Klocek, Paul Topolos, Rich Quade, Robert Kondo, Robin Cooper, Ronnie Del Carmen, Simon Dunsdon, Steve Pilcher, and Steve Purcell.
Opening reception is next Thursday April 27th, from 7pm – 12am.
The exhibition runs from April 27 through May 22nd

If you're in the area this Thursday then come by and check us out. The two pieces I've decided to include in the gallery are two shadow boxes of work published in the Paper Bicuit books as well as Fragments. I've decided to let go of these babies because I need to move on, although I'm very attached to them. See you there.

The Canvas Gallery

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Palace of Fine Arts Sketchcrawl

I survived Sketchcrawl 9. That was the t-shirt idea we came up with as we huffed and puffed our way back from the Palace of Fine Arts. We all earned it, I tell ya. And what troupers we had. No one treks up and down San Francisco streets like loyal Sketchcrawlers. And doing this on Earthday made it all the more appropriate. My thanks to all who made it and the offer still stands that if you were with me on our crawl--you know who you are--and would like to have a copy of Frogg's Lament just send me email and I'll fix you up.

I really should have drawn more people but the features of the Palace was so enticing...well, I took on too large a scope to draw and paint. Took two sittings. By the time I got to sketching people it was almost 4 p.m. Next time I'll try to limit the appetite. I'll have to come back and take those corinthian capitals on again.

Sketchcrawl Forum
Sketchcrawl Blog
Enrico's blog

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Andrew Robinson

Bloke who really should do more comics. Are you one of those who was struck wide-eyed upon seeing Dusty Star and ogled those lovely inked drawings of a gun-slinging babe in a western/sci-fi action/comedy romp? I was. Thing is, I see Andrew Robinson's covers and books here and there and wish he'd do Dusty regularly. Well, actually, I don't know that he isn't. But here's his website for a sampling of what meester Robinson can do with lines on paper. link

Thanks to Rick Cortez of the Drawingboard.org for the heads up.