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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tirade Oekaki has moved! Not too far.

Keeping limber with a fashion illustration exercise and a poster study. Both illustrations based on images found at The World of Kane

Whole lotta moving going on. The Tirade oekaki board has been around for a long time and a favored stop for those who tire of Photoshop (after all, a lot of you already have that as your default drawing program). The simple java applet provides a more casual tool to use even as it mimics the basic Photoshop tools. For some, like Claudio Acciari, it appears to rival Photoshop for that favored default spot.

Well, the folks responsible for hosting our board are moving servers and gave us an alert to say that they are moving the address to here.

Please make a note of it. It's all there and nothing has changed. I always make a habit of grabbing my finished image onto my personal files because the gallery holds only a fixed number and the drawings fall off as it makes room for new ones. That is, they disappear. Don't wait too long after you finish drawing and posting. Keep a copy for yourself, if you care. I have a folder of Claudio and others somewhere in my work or home machines.

A Nina lost in the scary dark dreamscape. There is also a blue study in the oekaki board.

The banner to the right has the link to the oekaki board's new location (the headline above as well). Oh, and if you want to start your very own board you can check out how here.

Tirade Oekaki
Claudio Acciari
The World of Kane

Oekaki BBS

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Blogger Ned said...

has long follow your work ... you really are a number 1. your trait is brilliant and especially the way you're able to use it...
congratulations for all your work ...


1:31 AM

Anonymous RĂ©gis said...

Hurray! I haven't commented in a long time, but it's good to see you're still posting! Yeah, Claudio just keeps me motivated to keep drawing with the oekaki app. Guess I should drop by your new board and say hi. I also moved to a different "url" recently and it feels pretty good.

12:59 AM

Blogger Colin Jack said...

great drawings!

5:18 AM

Blogger Will Kane said...


Imogen will be pleased!

I believe Katie Rice was planning to draw Imogen too, but you beat her to it!

Thanks Ronnie.

1:29 PM

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