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Monday, February 25, 2008

Ratatouille wins Oscar!

Brad poses with a smattering of a proud story crew. From left: Pete "A rat too loveable for for words" Sohn, Ted "A round of tequila shots for my friends" Mathot, Josh "Gray Leader checking in" Cooley, Mark "Rock you like a hurricane" Andrews, Brad "The Magnificent" Bird, Jim "My friend the Rat" Capobianco, Enrico "I'm gonna be a daddy" Casarosa, Ronnie "That's Mr. Biscuit Maker to you" del Carmen, Alex "I'll direct the smashing around here" Woo, Bill "You don't wanna mess with me" Presing. Image links to a larger look at these mugs.

Brad Bird brings the gold man home. There's something about Brad that inspires hero worship, we're no exception at Pixar (or, especially here). We gathered to salute him at the atrium with glasses of champagne in hand (cider for me. Allergies) and the crowd started to cheer as he walked into the building and through the crowd.

He was hoarse and started to say so but raised the Oscar to us as we applauded. He didn't miss the opportunity to say that the Oscar win was "...about you. It's for you."

"I'm keeping it." he quickly added, to laughter and applause. "But it's for you."

Ed Catmull wanted to highlight that Brad did a great thing by taking on the reigns of this movie. Ratatouille took a lot to finish, and Brad didn't have to jump in but he did. Brad's response, "Because there's something special about this place."

We all gathered around after the toasts and he graciously posed for pictures. Congratulations all around to all who worked on the movie. I'm glad to have been a part of it.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

ITH* Creature

Made in Photoshop CS2. Custom brush, color halftone screen. I'm sure I'll find more of the ITH's friends throughout the year. He'll pop into Nina's story for sure.

*Inexplicable Talking Head. I've been seeing this thing in my head for a couple weeks now. I don't know why and ,more curious, don't know why I can't shake my fascination with it. So today I started my day with a short to-do list and put him on it.

I attempted to shape him as best as that nagging mind picture can get me. I don't know if any of you are like this but I can see this drawing, literally, in my head. I've learned over the years that I should shape the actual drawing by keeping my mind's eye on this image and not be distracted by my hand's inclinations.

I think I got it very close to how this fella looks. Feels good to get him out there. I was also musing on a few things overnight and this meandering phrase came around. Sounds like something he would say as he sips his red. Though I'm not sure how he could sip anything, really.

On a side note: Just been through a screening on reels of "UP" and I'm exhausted. I've been making animated feature reels for over thirteen years and it doesn't get easier. The movie's doing quite well and it's one I myself can't wait to see on the screen.

This is my decompression day. And, for those of you who know me, I'm here at work when I could have a day off. Busman's holiday. That and an espresso makes it.

UP (film 2009)

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