I watched a lot of cartoons and movies. I draw incessantly and carry a sketchbook everywhere. I work in animation and self-publish my books. There are monsters in the streets, don't wear red. Mad bulls and monsters hate that color. I still watch cartoons.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Enrico and I had a great time at APE this last weekend. I could tell you more about it in detail but maybe the pictures can say it better. Sold shirts and books. Just when I thought I couldn't introduce the first issue to a new set of people and then I'm proven wrong! Thanks to all who came by to buy the books or just visit. I may be terrible with names but I almost never forget a face. I met new people and creators and all the goodwill one has a right to get on a weekend. I am a very lucky guy.

The greatest con neighbors to have are Lynn Naylor and Chris Reccardi. We're lucky to be in the halo of light they shine. "Turntable Timmy" is a book we got introduced to was our other neighbor and man, that's a great concept that I'm thinking is going to go big. More power to them. I'll add more to this here blog as I go but I just got to post these pics as soon as I can. So watch out for updates as memory and energy catches up with me.

All this makes me want to do more and be impatient with the days. I have a second issue of Paper Biscuit halfway done and now looking for suggestions for affordable and quality oriented printers. I'm collecting quotes from people's suggestions.

Okay, all for now until I can post a revision this post.