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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wild West Iron Man: A variant cover

I snapped an iPhone pic of the work in progress on my cintiq. Pencil illustration finished off in Photoshop.

Outlaw Metal. Joe Quesada and I almost worked on an feature a long time ago but it was not meant to be. Flash forward to Marvel being part of Disney and I get the call from Joe asking if I would be interested in doing an Iron Man cover. How fast could I say, "YES!"without tripping over myself? I mean, ol' Shell-head was THE very first super hero I ever drew as a kid (hey, no human features to stumble over like eyes, ears and such). And I am still a huge Iron Man fan (though don't ask me what happened to Tony in the last decade or so. Love the Gene Colan and Don Heck illustrated ones). So, not only, yeah, but HECK YEAH!

Those of you who are old enough can see the homage right away. Yup, "Wild Wild West" was a TV show I grew up with and loved the characters. Sure, it's silly but the opening titles looked awesome. Like an animated comic book page. They did their titles right back then.

I wanted to show the mask as it might be fashioned with the tools of the time, rivets and screws, so I needed the head to be big. It made for a more movie poster approach for the design.

If you like to see more check out Bill Presing's WWII Iron Man. It is a study in grace and metal. Check out his post in Daily Peril, his blog. My cover will be a variant for Invincible Iron Man #27, goes on sale June 9. Bill Presing's variant for Iron Man: Legacy #3 hits stores on June 23.

Marvel Sneak Peek

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Blogger Craig said...

Yours and Bill's are so different and so amazing. Awesome stuff. I love the dark and gritty take on this as much as I love his sharp and comic one. Beautiful/

12:05 AM

Blogger Craig said...

Saw the link to this from Bill's blog yesterday - this is flat out excellent! What an enviable assignment and you nailed it. The rivets and screws in your loose style came out perfect. I forgot about that show but your homage outdid the opening credits.

9:32 PM

Blogger Jmontiel said...


6:46 AM

Blogger vitalik shu said...

Super!!!! And your blog is Fantastic!!!!

12:31 PM

Anonymous Melissa Totten said...

Hi Ronnie,
Now I'm hunting Geof D. Do you still have his email? I made a mini-documentary about Geof for PBS when he used to live in Los Angeles, and we kept in touch for a while, but I lost him in Paris. I'd appreciate it if you would email me!

4:38 AM

Blogger Adam McQuaig said...

Fantastic crossover design. And congratulations on your win at the Reuben awards; you earned it!

12:40 PM

Blogger A-T-G said...

So, SOOOO awesome! I LURVE it!

11:21 PM

Blogger Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

I dig!

3:20 PM

Blogger Saskia said...

gosh, what a brilliant idea. And even though I just repeat what everyone has already said, but this gritty look is super cool !!

9:32 PM

Blogger RAWLS said...

Fantastic work my friend! Bill's cover is pretty awesome as well!

7:03 PM

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