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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nina Flying

I'm musing on the graphic design of a card or a cover here. A last minute impulse to try. Watercolor and pen on Arches paper

A second auction piece. I've not been making artwork to show for a while and, just like anything I do, it takes some time for me to warm up. As a story artist my work is done in intense bursts yet I must also regard it as disposable. A conundrum about the job. You have to invest in it for it to be any good but detach from it soon as it's had it's day in the sunlight. Either half isn't easy to do (I don't even think about that, the job's a blast).

So, switching from "Nobody will see this" to "I'm putting this on the wall for all to see" can strip the gears some. It doesn't help that we draw digitally on a screen. No actual paint, graphite or ink. This auction keeps me in shape for a larger piece I have to work on. There's a project we're working on for this year that I have to have done in a month. More on that later.

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Anonymous flo said...

great work, I love it! (pardon for my poor vocabulary, I'm french...)

8:37 AM

Blogger Teddy Kristiansen said...

Gorgeous as always....yeah the good old paints ARE nice to work with(as well).


3:04 AM

Blogger Ronan McDermott said...

This is very nice, but I especially like the one below, the barefoot Medusa. Great stuff.

8:44 PM

Blogger Raghu G said...

Nice sketches!!

5:31 AM

Blogger JC said...

thanks gorgeous Ronnie!

5:28 PM

Blogger Eva Vazquez said...


4:55 PM

Blogger dicet said...

yay! I own this piece!
HOw did I get so lucky??

12:51 PM

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