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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fio Giulietta Casarosa

Beautiful Baby Fio! She has arrived! Enrico and Marit are proud parents of this bundle o' joy. The blessed event happened last Saturday and she came in at around seven pounds, ready for the world. Congratulations to my friends, Enrico and Marit (Marit, she sure is quite a champ). Hip hip, HOORAY!

Daddy Enrico's Blog post


Blogger Larry Levine said...


5:56 PM

Blogger Silvana said...

That will be one cute kid!

Just a question!

I was just wondering if it was alright that I put a link to you in my blog? If not, just let me know!


1:04 PM

Blogger Silvana said...

Thanks a bunch! And it does seem like we have similar blogs layouts. Great minds indeed...!



1:38 PM

Blogger T.E said...

Congrats! For this baby and this blog.

5:44 PM

Blogger Eva Vazquez said...


2:52 PM


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