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Monday, April 07, 2008

Barefoot Medusa

Watercolor, gouache and pencil on watercolor board. Image links to a larger view.

An Auction Piece. I tried many studies of what to do after Ted Mathot suggested I try a companion piece to the Crystal one I did for the Emergency auction at Maverix. I had two false starts and this one was a study I had come back to after the rather tepid first tries.

Medusa, she of the Inhumans (careful of the hair, can give Reed Richards a run for his money, prehensile wise),queen to Black Bolt. Hey, I just remembered that I did a black bolt a while back for something...Oh, yeah, it was someone's sketchbook. I colored it on Photoshop. I did post it on the Drawing Board.

Anyway, this is a piece for an internal art auction to benefit our about to be born Story Pod. We're generating funds to furnish a corner of the building we can call our own. We've a name suggested by Brenda Chapman: Joe's Place, after Joe Ranft.

We've got the whole membership of the Pixar Story department generating art. I'll ask permission to post some as we progress.

Black Bolt

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Blogger JP said...

Thanks for posting this, Ronnie- great way to start the day!
Hope it goes well with the story Pod. Will it be made out of some gelatinous organic membrane?

11:51 PM

Blogger Monkeyfeather said...

Wow, this is fantastic Ronnie. That is going to be one HECK of an auction.

8:04 AM

Blogger daveau82 said...

If I had a kingdom I'd give it for this piece. Stunning.

12:46 PM

Blogger Larry Levine said...


3:20 PM

Blogger Jon McNally said...

Marvelous, Ronnie.

9:12 PM

Blogger DSK said...

Hmmm...I seem to remember another sketch you did of Crystal years ago...

11:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If an extra boost is needed after the internal auction is finished, will gladly bid on the false starts. he he.


8:58 AM

Blogger Tevik Avakyan said...

I love the colors, shapes and design. Your work is beautiful.

4:36 PM

Blogger Doc Shaner said...

These are great Ronnie. I really liked the Crystal piece when you posted it, and I love this Medusa piece. I love these works where you show quieter moments. However, I'd never seen that Black Bolt piece either and it's great as well.

Been following the blog for awhile now, love your work, and really enjoyed 'Three Trees'.

10:49 PM

Blogger Charles at NC said...

I wish I could afford to buy this

Its Beautiful

7:10 PM

Blogger Dani said...

Ronnie, the auction was an unbelievable success!!!
I was impressed with the skill, dedication and enthusiasm of the story crew, which I saw in its entirety for the first time last night.

Congrats and beautiful, beautiful work!


8:54 AM


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