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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Golden Globe Award for UP

We had a little champagne toast this morning with the guys. Hip hip! Hurray!

I almost missed it. I was driving home and caught the original broadcast winding down. I got email and notices on line congratulating me. I did see Pete Docter accept the award on the rebroadcast as well as Bob Peterson and Jonas Rivera in their group hug. Amazing.

ABC interview of Pete

Apparently they hung out with Paul McCartney quite a bit and noted that he's such a gentleman and a lot of fun.

My congratulations to Michael Giancchino for his Golden Globe win as well. I am very lucky to have worked with his music on this movie and on the Dug short.

Michael Giacchino after the award Q & A Wait for Pete heckling Michael.

Honored to have served on the movie with the entire UP crew. Among the highlights of being in this business I can say this is the brightest.

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Blogger Aida SofĂ­a Barba Flores said...

congratulations for being part of such an amazing production! I wish someday I can be part of a great team like yours!

4:45 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

They "hung out" with Paul McCartney?? Thanks for posting these, Ronnie. I was surprised to hear that the first part of the movie was only 8 minutes long... really? That was the heart of the movie, and the most memorable for me. And Michael, why ARE you so good?
Congrats again to all!

6:19 PM

Blogger Sanjuro said...

Congratulations sir! It was deserved :)
I cherish the memories of Angouleme last year when I was "hanging out" with so talented and nice guys :D

12:02 AM

Blogger ronney said...

hey ronnie can u pls add an option to follow this blog i cant get to find it...

6:05 AM

Blogger Kendra Melton said...

Aw, congrats! You guys deserved it for all the hard work you put into it. Such solidly built characters, and who could resist Dug's charm :]

At a big studio like Pixar does everyone who worked on the project get a Golden Globe or is it more like a communal award to put in a case? I was just curious because a friend of mine got an Emmy for a commercial he worked on and it made me wonder if he received one personally because it was a smaller scale production.

8:20 AM

Anonymous christy said...

Wonderful. That would have been super exciting. It's a beautiful movie and so well-deserved. Congratulations!

5:42 PM

Blogger THE BEATY said...

Yeah up totally deserved to win. one of my top 3 fav pixar movies

6:43 PM

Blogger Amin said...

very inspiring work


5:19 PM


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