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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Totoro Forest Project: Built by volunteers

That's Noelle, front row, second from left. Zoe, same row, framing me, Dice and Enrico. Our bookends, keeping us from toppling over.

Noelle & Zoe. The plain truth of the matter is that that event at Pixar would not have happened without these ladies. Noelle had been part of many of our other auctions and galleries so we don't hesitate to ask. Actually, we barely get a proposition out and she's already signing up. Zoe had impressed us throughout the whole process that if there was something to ask about the process it would be a safe bet that she'd know the answer. And all that was donated time and energy. Mind you they both have day jobs and lives outside of this project.

After the event we all took time to recuperate and some of us deserve it more than others. Zoe and Noelle went back to their lives, as did all the volunteers. We've tried but we've yet to get together again and mark the event for the monumental effort of faith and goodwill it was. It might point to how everyone did this to contribute to the cause and what it means--with no need to focus on their part in it. I figure that has a lot to do with it.

The tireless crew who put that show on the Pixar Atrium floor.

This past Saturday we finished the second half of packaging the artwork from the auction in preparation for their rightful new owners to send for them. It marks, effectively, the end of the entire arc of these amazing works of art. From artists donating them to the wonderful people who bid and won these beauties and finally the trip to their respective new caretakers.

The last look at these amazing works of art before their final journey. Still more donated time. Dice was sick but there he was ready with supplies and lunch!

To the volunteers: We thank you with the most heartfelt of emotions for all your time, energy and heart. It would not have happened without your part in it. These things are not easy to stage, we hoped you all would show up and that you did. For that a part of a forest somewhere outside of Tokyo will remain untouched and you should know that it's because of your contribution to this project.

That very night after the event we struck the show. Cleaned up after, took down the exhibit and re-wrapped the entire lot and stowed them. All that after being dead tired from putting on the show. The very next day, there's Noelle and Zoe dealing with the details of what we had wrought. We can't love or thank these ladies enough.

Be well and hope to see you all again soon.

Noelle Page
Zoe Boxer

For more details of what the project has accomplished please head on to the Totoro Forest Blog.

Photo credits: Carlos Baena, Boon Heng Pang and yours truly.

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Blogger A-T-G said...

What lovely sentiments! I had a wonderful time volunteering for this! It was the least I could do, since I can't draw a line :-) And you are right, Noelle and Zoe rock! They rock the Casbah!

1:15 AM

Blogger Ronnie said...

I love it that you were there for this event. It was memorable and such a blast.

The Casbah was suitably rocked by those ladies, indeed. They actually had rockin' to spare.

6:06 PM

Blogger ronney said...

are thoes original cells used on the movie?

11:21 AM


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