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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Da Drawings

The Buddha at Kamakura. A train trip and a hike to visit the old boy. He is huge and quite a sight. He sat very still for this portrait.

Sketching on the trip. These are the sketches done while on our merry way. Drawing in trains is surprisingly manageable (man, most of the trains don't even make noise. We might as well have been skating on ice rather than rolling on wheels). Of course one has to be even more nimble with the drawing.

When in Economy and not in a window seat, one has to make do with the view facing front. In this case it was the small t.v. screen which shows the camera view from the front of the plane. Pretty clouds up there.

My train victims. Drawing victims, that is. They now populate my sketchbook and blog (insert stock villain laughter here). The girl at lower left was just one passenger apart from me and I was blatantly drawing her. At one point she curled her nose but did not flick me a look though I was very obviously drawing her. That's resolve, man.

More train drawings. The girl was with her boyfriend and she was obviously enamored of him because of the way she talked and looked at him. Ahhh, young love. Ain't it grand?

Clothes make the man. This guy's attire had some personality, though I had a crappy vantage point. Color would have helped but, hey, I was on a moving train, alright? One cannot be too picky in street sketching.

This girl could easily have won an asian Kate Moss contest. I didn't do her justice in the sketch but I think it's close. She was with her mom at Narita having a snack before the flight. She noticed me drawing her and I think she became more animated after that. Very charming young lady. That coat she was wearing was also quite a statement and not the usual.

Oh, and I did Sketchcrawl drawings, too. I wasn't lazy, or anything. Those images are up on the Sketchcrawl forum. Check out the bounty of drawings done on that day in Japan as well as the rest of the world.

Sketchcrawl Forum

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Ronnie~
This is Ellica( Jennifer's ex roommate)
What a great trip in Tokyo!
Jenny and I missed the Buddha at Kamakura while we were there last summer...but we found a very cool house near Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.. ask Jenny. It's a long story!
All your work are great! I will keep visiting here :D

4:14 AM

Blogger justin said...

Hey Ronnie,

Man, all those sketches are awesome. I like the look of the one that you inked(4 down).
I gotta go to Japan one of these days.
Thanks for posting.

6:51 AM

Blogger J said...

The clothes guy on the train is AWESOME. Really superlative drawing there. I'd love to see a bigger version of it. GREAT stuff Ronnie.

8:00 AM

Blogger Emma said...

Wow, Ronnie, I can't stop looking at that buddha. So much detail with what looks like just a few sweeps of the brush...

9:09 AM

Blogger Amelia Lorenz said...

Welcome back! I really like all of your pics. Especially the girl in the green plaid sweater. I love that!


11:05 AM

Blogger Frankie Franco III said...

Wow, your stuff is just so inspiring! Love your stly and water colors! Keep it up!

11:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think that these sketches are your best yet that you posted in the blog. You can really feel the "calmness" in the Buddha. I like the way that you textured the piece. Your train drawings are terrific capturing various moods. Your comments behind the pieces are very interesting. It would be great to include these drawings in the 3-Trees book for all to admire.


PS. Steven and I will be going to the Cartoon Art Museum sponsored tour of Pixar this Sat. Hope to see you there.

12:51 PM

Blogger Germ├ín said...

all are great, but number 4 is just...perfect

4:21 PM

Blogger Jenny Lerew said...

Beautiful, beautiful...ahhhh. Honestly, looking at your sketchbook is like a drink of cold water. I always feel refreshed and happy. : )

10:47 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

very cooool drawings!!

9:21 PM

Blogger Craig Mackay said...

Beautiful sketches! I especially liked one of the girl that was enamoured.

2:41 AM


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