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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

UP nominated for Best Picture!

The man of the hour as he tries to stem the tide of phone calls this morning.

What a ride! It's been a long journey that's about to culminate in March. For myself I am counting today as the win. We made it to the big boys table with UP being nominated for Best Picture along with the other live action movies. We make movies, we tell stories. These days the fact that a movie is made completely with computers or whatever percentage is not a discussion anymore. It is just making movies.

My thanks to our stellar, award-winning crew but especially to our Story crew. They did a lot of heavy lifting that won't have a category to celebrate at these award shows but they so rightly deserve every bit of goodwill this movie gets. They are the best story crew I've had the privilege of serving with as Story Supervisor. You guys make me proud. I thank you.

Here's the logo for our Story Crew t-shirt. We wear it proudly and this week is an especially good week to walk tall in one of these. All hail, STORY!

UPdate: Here's the squadron photo we took after dealing death from above to all unholy story issues.

Josh Cooley composed the photo, Bill Presing had the airman headgear and we all took headshots with it one day. Viola! From left to right, Back row: Brian Wright, Bill Presing, Enrico Casarosa, Ronnie del Carmen, Josh Cooley, Tony Rosenast. Front Row: Justin Hunt, Nick Sung, Rob Gibbs, Bobby Rubio (not in the photo, Pete Sohn, Ken Bruce and Jamie Baker). The beauteous Shannon Ryan is emblazoned on the plane as our babe/department manager among beasts. She is known as "The Ryan." We couldn't have the entire crew with us that day but then again it is a war after all.

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Blogger Jason Newkirk said...

congratulation Ronnie! So cool.

11:43 AM

Blogger Sarah Knight said...

Congratulations to you all! Thoroughly deserved.

11:48 AM

Blogger Mitch said...

Congratulations to you and the entire Pixar/"Up" crew! You certainly deserve these nominations.

12:29 PM

Blogger Donnie said...

That's awesome. It deserves to win best picture. Congrats!

12:29 PM

Blogger SHOo said...

Many many congrats to you and all the team! It's fantastic news and ever better that most of you guys share your work through blogs! Thanks for everything!

3:38 PM

Anonymous chrity said...

Fantastic! Fingers crossed :0) xo

3:45 AM

Blogger krutitwa Dhal samanta said...

it really really deserves the award, and specially i agree with u that tht story team is having a gr8 contribution for this..I was greatly inspired by the story telling of this movie its awesome....u guys really rock.....
I am happy for this....

9:15 AM

Blogger Paul Tuller said...

The squadron photo is so awesome! No surprise UP was nominated :)

2:52 PM

Blogger Howard Shum said...

Congratulations, Ronnie!

11:31 PM

Blogger Carolina said...


Hope you win it, you deserve it!!

un saludo!

4:40 AM

Blogger Jason said...

congratulations and thank you and the crew for making such an amazing movie. whether it receives an award or not, we all know that it SHOULD win.

3:41 PM

Blogger JP said...

All hail the returning heroes of the story crew!

3:04 AM

Anonymous Leirin said...

Congrats!! The "Up" team certainly deserved this honor... and I love the story crew t-shirt!

8:11 PM

Anonymous Anson Jew said...

Bah! You Pixar people and your brilliant, entertaining movies. Can't you guys do anything else?!


5:28 PM

Blogger Ronan McDermott said...

Congratulations. It's well deserved.

3:38 AM

Anonymous Mar said...

Good work, Mr. UP>>> Keep UP the good works!!!!!

Read about you and UP in Philippine Inquirer newspaper.

1:06 AM

Blogger Matt Jones said...

Forgot to congratulate you on the nom. when I saw you Ronnie-well done to you & the crew. Well deserved. The BAFTA's in the bag now, only the big one to go!

9:56 AM

Blogger pakoto said...

congratulations for uP, to me the more emotional 3D movie

8:01 AM

Blogger Peter Pen said...

Congratulations Ronnie!

1:48 AM

Blogger skatej said...

congratulations on the wins! Saw the list today. I think it deserved more!

10:36 AM

Blogger Emmy Hernàndez said...


4:49 PM

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Blogger Margaret Alison said...

Congratulations! Was being at the Oscars as mind-blowing as I imagine it? Awesome squadron photo! :)

3:31 PM

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