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Monday, June 01, 2009

UP opening weekend: 68.2 million!

WHOA! Not bad for an old man movie, eh? All the work and anticipation had culminated in a grand showing of love for Pixar movies and this movie's story. On Friday I was at the Disney studios signing books with Ricky Nierva and we were met with very grateful people--people who are in the same studio, and industry--thanking us for this movie. On Saturday I did a signing and talk for the public at Nucleus where I was met with the same response. I must say that this is unique for us. We usually will get compliments on "a great job" or "an amazing movie" but this is different. People are thanking us for this movie's story. I am so honored to be part of this movie.

Pete, myself and Bob during one of many recordings at Studio B at Disney. Being around where Walt made the classics sure brings out the animation fans out of us.

Amazing. There was a time when we were just figuring out how to dig ourselves out of one difficult corner after another when this day was so far in the future. It wasn't real. Now here we are. My thanks and eternal gratitude to Pete Docter who took me along on this journey and believed in what I was going to do for him. Bob Peterson for showing me where the funny was only EVERY time. Jonas Rivera for making sure I can show up for all of it and having my back.

Our story crew was unobtrusive. We worked hard and kept on the path, fought the battles. I am so very proud of each and every one of them. That deserves its own post. Be sure of it.

It's out there now. Up is welcomed into people's lives and I am forever grateful.

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Blogger SketchCrawl said...

Oh YEAH! :)


12:59 PM

Blogger Mitch said...

I wish you could hear the rounds of applause that echo throughout every theater during the closing of this film. I work at a cinema... and I see the smiles on both the kids and their parents' faces. You guys have touched too many people to name with your work....

"Up" was fantastic, by the way. To say that it's beyond brilliant is a complete understatement. Congratulations to the entire Pixar team! You guys are geniuses.

1:10 PM

Blogger Daniel said...

wonderful film! congratulations to everyone involved! :D

2:03 PM

Blogger BrianChing said...

Hey Ronnie,

It was so great meeting you at the Nucleus Gallery on Saturday!

As and artist myself(I am the SW comic book artist), I know how difficult it can be to get different minds working together in a collaboration. But you guys at Pixar are able to do this time and time again and give us wonderful characters to care about. It is really inspiring and makes me want to be a better storyteller.


Brian Ching

3:40 PM

Blogger Art Fan Ako said...

Shoot, I missed your appearance last Saturday. Are you still in LA for anymore appearances? Pleasseeee!

10:45 PM

Blogger kalonji said...

hi ronnie,

long live to all animators disney pixar and all of you guys ,you make us dream!!! thanks a lot :-)

can wait to see UP

CHEERS from switzerland
your friend kalonji :-)

2:38 AM

Anonymous Tommy said...

Saw Up twice this weekend, and plan on seeing in many more times in theaters to hold me over until it comes out on Blu-ray.

Amazing film, the soundtrack is wonderful, and the Art of Up is great, I just wish I could have had you sign it!

5:48 AM

Blogger Scoops Mangum said...

Saw UP twice this weekend with my parents and my in-laws. Thank you for such a wonderful film and story. My wife and I have been told fairly recently that we would not be able to have children of our own, so that moment in the film hit like a sucker punch. It was so classy and so subtle, it was amazing.

I teach film as an adjunct faculty and plan to use this film in my class as soon as it is out on Blu-Ray.

My full review of the film is here: http://scoopsmangum.blogspot.com/2009/05/my-review-of-up.html

If I purchase the art of Up, would it be possible to get an autographed copy for my wife as a gift? I live in SLC, Utah, so being at a signing will be difficult. :)

Thank you again for such a wonderful film!

3:56 PM

Blogger Ariel said...

I saw up twice this weekend and cried during both showings (twice each actually). I absolutely love the story, it hit very close to home and I would love to grow old with someone just like Carl and Ellie. Everything in the movie was so sweet and touching. Dug is just like my friends labrador and we were practically rolling around on the theater floor cooing our brains out. Everyday I hope and hope again that one day I will be able to work on Pixar's amazing team once I get out of college.

thanks for an amazing movie.

5:24 PM

Blogger Eddie Perkins said...

When the credits rolled and I wiped the blur of very good tears out of my eyes, Ronnie Del Carmen was the first name I saw. Made me smile since I've always loved your work. I made a mental note to come by and thank you and anyone else I could find that worked on Up.

You guys are being thanked because thanks are so genuinely deserved. I know I posted a thank you to everyone who did anything on Up on my journal in case anyone who did anything on Up happened to wander by it.

Much better to leave my thanks here.

I hope you don't mind my using your journal to pass on my thanks not only to you but to any of your Up co-workers who happen to read your journal.

Thank all of you so much.

I know it's pretty late in my life to have hopes like this, but I hope, someday, even in some small way, to work on something as wonderful as Up.

7:30 PM

Blogger Stephen Eusebio said...

Hey Ronnie!

I came to your book signing with my cousin. Posted some pictures.


Awesome work on UP, as well as on Paper Biscuit 2 and And There You Are. Love it all. Keep on keepin' on. Maraming Salamat, Po!


12:21 AM

Anonymous Anson Jew said...

Thanks for the little talk at Nucleus. I saw UP a day or so later and feel that it is definitely one of the best films Pixar has done (which says a lot!) and I will be seeing it again this weekend!

1:30 PM

Blogger the doodlers said...

"Not bad for an old man movie, eh?"

INDEED. John and I saw the UP in 3D this past weekend and we'll see it again in regular D, to catch some of the subtle moments that washed by us on the first screening.

Had a fantastic feeling from this film. Smiling/heartbreaking...genuine respect for the characters. Beautiful spaces/sounds... my tumbling words can't really describe it yet. Guess the experience needs to gel a bit.

You must be pretty danged proud, Ronnie.


3:28 PM

Blogger RAWLS said...

Much congrats my friend! I just watched it last night. Everyone did a fantastic job! Well done.

10:24 PM

Blogger SILVER KNIGHT said...

Congrats again for your wonderful work! Amazing storytelling and a truly inspiring film! Best wishes to everyone who worked in it! :)

Warmest regards,

where can I get/order a signed copy of "Dug"? :)

5:46 PM

Blogger Juanma said...

del Carmen*

*by the way ,why isn't "Carmen"
included in the

3:30 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Ahh shucks not fair we still have to wait till October here in the UK! :( Nice to see a film which tackles the generation gap.. something I've always considered doing for a short alas in a different context. Don't forget though, Pixar hit gold with an old man once before with Geris Game - so its a workable formula.

Congrats to all you lukcy people working in such a great environment. :)

7:10 AM

Blogger Santiago said...

You did an AMAZING job... It's a lovely movie that had me laughing and crying in the into!

Even though I've only met you very briefly a couple of times, I felt really proud when I saw your credit on screen.

11:55 PM

Blogger Leonardo F. said...

Agree with Santiago above me. I never had the chance to know you personally (yet) but I felt some kind of pride when saw your name.

Both my girl and I were laughing in show when we went out of the cinema, and we both said "that's my new favourite movie".

You definitely beat the mark of Wall-E, which I liked a lot though.

Some choices you people made were risks... and now are benchmark: The protagonist is an old man, you make people get in love with Ellie and then you kill her... There's a bit of blood! A Disney's Taboo! LOL!

Congratulations, a thousand times.

3:53 AM

Blogger Elisa Chavarri said...

It is such a special, BEAUTIFUL film in every way. It's no surprise everyone is thanking all of you wonderful people at Pixar. Gracias :)

6:46 AM

Blogger lorelay bove said...

I loved the film! and I loved your picture book! it came out beautifully

11:59 AM

Anonymous Phritz said...

Nice work (though I prefer the work in "There You Are")

Alas can't say the same about some of your cronies, like raison d'etre, a pal of some central valley fundamentalists, and all around snitch. Her drawings are sort of Dilbert meets mad magazine (actually Mad artists rather more sophisticated).

9:54 AM

Anonymous ALIASd said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all at Team "UP" as of yesterday it became the highest-grossing film of the year thus far with
$252.4 million!

6:07 PM

Blogger Peter said...

Definitely one of the best films Pixar has done, John and I saw the UP in 3D this past weekend and we'll see it again in regular D, I know it's pretty late in my life to have hopes like this, but I hope, someday, even in some small way, to work on something as wonderful as Up.
Discon Blog

4:17 AM

Blogger laurevolume said...

I found your blog because I was looking for waterpen... Thanks for your advice ! I love your wook and Dug is my screensaver ;)

3:22 AM

Blogger Gerald de Dios said...

Many Congrats Ronnie. The book and the movie is fantastic!!!

4:34 PM

Blogger Cuentos de Antiguamente said...

Congratulations, Ronnie!
Beautifull, beautifull works!!

10:33 AM

Blogger Beatriz Iglesias said...

Congrats for your work...you're BIG, man! ^__^

3:51 AM

Blogger Eugenio Herrera said...

Hi Mr. Ronnie, with honest, "Up" is a marvelous and beautiful film, undoubtedly a result of extraordinary teamwork! I think in Pixar is to surpass themselves every day..my sincere congratulations! and, so I like very much the fact that it has been set in jungles of Venezuela, my country!



8:04 PM

Blogger Don Coker said...

Ronnie, great work and congrats on the new book as well!!

11:28 AM

Anonymous Gerry said...

Hi Ronnie,

As a Filipino, I couldn't be more proud of you.

As a human being, I couldn't be more thankful for making me feel alive again.

Thanks to everyone at Pixar. This film is such a gift.

Thank you.


12:38 AM

Anonymous eunice said...

hey ronnie

I saw this yesterday with my 10-yr old cousin (I'm 20) and let me just say that this is a wonderful wonderful and I mean WONDERFUL movie. The best since Nemo. Thank you soooo soooo much. I cried every tender moment Carl had with his Ellie (alive and otherwise). Russel looked and acted a lot like my cousin so I kept teasing him, it was a fun experience fro both of us.

Great job! Really proud of you, thanks very much. (^_^)


6:15 AM

Blogger Joelle said...

Me thinks "Up" is one of the best movies I've watched this year! Poignant, colorful, humorous, heartwarming and honest. Carl and Ellie's moments touched me.
Russel is such a lovable character!
If I've ever get a labrador, I'd name him Dug. ("POINT!!")
I wish Kevin was real. :)

As a Filipino, I think it's totally AWESOME what you're doing with your skills and creativity.

I'm going to see if I can blow up a gazillion helium balloons and gly to Boracay.

8:13 PM

Blogger Joriben Zaballa said...

Congrats Ronnie UP is currently the no.1 Animated box office here in the Philippines. Mabuhay ka! :)

5:02 AM

Anonymous christy said...

Hi Ronnie, greetings from Brisbane. My partner Mike and I saw UP last weekend (I'd been patiently waiting for the Australian release) and I must agree wholeheartedly with the other posts - what a wonderful film it is. Yes, there were tears and lots of laughter - it's such a touching, funny and overwhelmingly enjoyable story. I couldn't stop smiling after we left the theatre. Oh and it looked awesome, as per usual :0). Congratulations on a fantastic piece of art!

11:00 PM

Blogger VinnyLT said...

I'm a big fan Ronnie. I thought the movie was great. I especially liked the little boy Russel. His animations were excelent!

10:21 PM

Blogger skatej said...

I finally saw "Up" at a campus screening event a couple weeks ago. This was such an amazing movie with a message I wasn't sure could be communicated in a family film. It was absolutely beautiful and just wonderful. Pixar, you guys have some class. I really love how well you integrate all these different levels to make not-overtly-preachy movies that convey the "moral" as it were to all who see it. Just wonderful. Thank you.

8:33 PM

Blogger pakoto said...

Congratulations genius!

4:08 AM

Blogger Althea said...

I just watched UP with my two sons! Just when I thought I could not be a bigger Pixar fan...WOW!
I cried at the 11:36 mark. That is when Ellie died. I have never cried at the BEGINNING of a movie. It was beautiful, exciting, wonderous, imaginative, just amazing. Thank you for letting us all know that it's never to late to have the adventure of a lifetime.

12:00 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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