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Thursday, November 13, 2003

(Image done in Photoshop. Line drawing done with a Cintique)


I find that most people still go to the blogspot version of this here blog. I hope to make people come here to this one that I do update (rare as that may be). I will post the above picture in the few message boards that I visit to entice people to bookmark this location from here on. I hope this helps.

Random errant thought # OS-1001 Do you find that you want to hang around people who are well liked or powerful? Do find that if the human politic in the room allows you to be the dominant individual that you will take advantage of it? Do you believe that competition is good and brings about the better results? Are the weak not worth the space and oxygen they take up? Is a reluctance to engage in open competition the road to obsolescence? If these attitudes make you uncomfortable does it exonerate you because you are sensitive to it? That experiment where students are encouraged to shock a subject and really get into it because they were given the assurance of anonymity--does that point to how any amount of sensitivity to others will dissolve once given a blanket immunity from any reproach? This is very human and kicks in without any prompting. Survival recognizes an advantage and will exploit it.

We've all seen it and participated--power and acceptance are pervasive goals for all humans. You have to learn to be good at being around other humans. Or else.


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