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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alzheimer's Association Auction a grand success!

The Maverix Studios gallery was packed and buzzing with art marketplace energy and noise. Can you spot a very happy Ted Mathot in this picture? A visiting Simon Dunsdon? Mike Murnane is in costume somewhere here as well.

Maverix Studios held the art auction last night in the city and although all these auctions are a blast we had an especially thrilling night. Cutting to the chase: Steve Purcell's piece, "Ditty" went for the highest bid of the evening. Brenda Chapman had won it on the paper bid but, as it is the fashion at Maverix, it went up for the grand audience bid along with eight other highest bid items. Brenda dueled fast and furious with another lady starting at $400, and quickly escalated to beyond a thousand...Two Thousand!...Three! It all culminated in Brenda winning the piece at $3, 500! Whew! That was amazing!

A very happy Brenda Chapman chatting with Brian and Lorien McKenna about a certain Inhuman.

This is the closest to high stakes gambling I'll ever get myself. Once you're in the room and have been battling with others to secure artwork on the silent bid you're already quite a bit pumped up. And the best part is that you're amongst colleagues, friends and family.

From the top: Mike Murnane as Auctioneer Supreme and MC Derek Thompson. Those guys know how to work a crowd out their hard-earned bucks for a good cause. Albert Lozano, world class DJ to the starz--also mild mannered artist/designer at Pixar. Anita Coulter eyes Crystal on the wall. Center and bottom is the Hall o' Art and lovely art-lovin' folks.

I had my eye on Rhode Montijo's two original pieces from the start. I took my time bidding on this one inked piece. I knew it was going up for the public bid because it was up to around $250 by the time silent bidding closed. Jamie Baker, who's already like blood brothers with Rhode bid on it right off, then Bosco Ng jumped in. I just watched as they battled and it reached to $425. I was standing right next to Bosco as Mike Murnane stoked the fires of battle with his inimitable autioneer stylings.

Anita Coulter holding up a magnificent print by the equally lovely Sho Murase. That baby went for five hundred bucks. Good job, everyone. The circled art were next. Mine at center (Crystal) and Steve Purcell's record-breaking art.

I raised my hand and flashed five fingers. Oh! That did it, blindsided my pals. There's a trick to this and you gotta wait till the players are losing their will and even maybe even needing to be saved from themselves--though clearly not the case here but I sure did end up winning my very first Rhode Montijo original art! After four years of waiting I finally got one! HA HA!

Rhode Montijo loveliness here. Already safe at home.

The other highlight for me was securing Jeff Pigeon's "Happy Beaver" toy he donated for the cause. Signed as Derek Thompson puts it, "Right on it's a**" I've been meaning to get one but this is the best time to do it.

Jeff Pidgeon did all of us a favor and made a toy. And I just love it ta pieces! Look at that orange molded goodness. Hmmmm--mmmh!

My contribution to the auction was original art: "Crystal of the Inhumans." This was also one of the highest bids of the evening. Brenda had bid on both Steve and mine's hoping to get both but Derek Thompson wanted it as well, even so far as to playfully intimidating the crowd, "If you don't know who the Inhumans are you shouldn't even be bidding but this is for a good cause so it's all good."

Brian is likely talking to Lorien about..."What?! Enough with the Inhumans already! Sheesh."

Derek and Brenda battled, Mike egged and taunted the players and eventually Brenda let Derek win the piece for the high bid of $700! Whoa! That is crazy. I wanted a Derek monster myself. But that will have to be for another auction day.

"Crystal of the Inhumans" is watercolor, pen and pencil. I scanned this before I signed and framed it for the auction.

Congratulations to all who attended and my thanks to Esther Pearl and Nate Stanton for putting this together, Maverix for having the boundless energy and giving soul to have us use their wonderful space yet again. We hope to have another one of these things before the year is done and this time we're going to be even more ambitious! So, watch this space.

Alzheimer's Association
Maverix Studios
Maverix Studios Blog

UPDATE! The great Carlos Baena has posted his magnificent photos of the evening. Check them out here.

Jamie Baker's got an excellent report from his vantage point here.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lost Sketchbook

Had to happen sometime. At the last Sketchcrawl we went to the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, it was a real good choice. Good central location, target rich environment, free music (Jug Band that day), and the museum lunch counter was good.

The De Young Museum features a tower you can take an elevator to and enjoy a 360° view of the city. No museum fees, it's free! Wonderful! I broke out a new cahier moleskin for the occasion and started on a view towards the Golden Gate bridge. I was catching up to the group and my energies were flagging, but I managed to get one watercolor done. I took a snap of it and went down to get a bite to eat.

At the lunch area I had a thoroughly relaxed lunch and the view of the sculptures in the museum grounds was not bad either. Someone was waiting for a table and I offered mine as I was going anyway. I left and even glanced back as the bus staff swooped in to clear the table.

It would be a full hour or so before I find that the sketchbook is missing. I rush back inside and ask the staff if they noticed a little brown sketchbook. No luck. I ask lost and found and still zip. I retraced my steps all the rest of the afternoon and, needless to say, any remaining enthusiasm for drawing I may have had on reserve left me. I hung around till the end of the crawl to see everyone's work as this is my favorite part of a sketchcrawl day.

above image links to larger view. Sigh.

Everyone was shocked about my news and even offered me their spare sketchbooks. Thanks, people. Typical for me to be carrying four or five at any one time and apparently it goes for everyone at the crawl.

Let that be a lesson to you, kids. Always do a thorough check of your valuables before you leave a table. This one sketchbook had the one sketch in it, thankfully. Otherwise I would be an emotional wreck. I console myself that at least I got a picture of the work -- practicing that "half-full" point of view--and that it wasn't the book that held my Europe trip in it. That one was full...and safely inside my bag.

De Young Museum
Golden Gate Park

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